2005-07-22 bawjawsadding a way to test the user image border removal...
2005-07-22 bawjawsrolling back some functionality changes I made to user...
2005-07-22 bawjawsrolling back my filename changing code to follow Martin...
2005-07-22 thepurpleblobUse 'factored out' configuration settings.
2005-07-22 thepurpleblobInitialise all (new) config settings for this filter...
2005-07-22 thepurpleblobNew look to match blocks and modules administration.
2005-07-22 thepurpleblobAdded 'cachecontrols' string
2005-07-22 mitsChanged login box, content background from #EEEEEEE...
2005-07-22 gustav_deliusNew report plug-in contributed by Jean-Michel, see...
2005-07-22 gustav_deliusImprovements contributed by Jean-Michel Vedrine, see...
2005-07-22 thepurpleblobAdded additional features/fixes noted in bug #3795...
2005-07-22 martignoni'showversions' added
2005-07-22 mitstranslated one new string for wiki.php.
2005-07-21 stronk7Added one previously hardcoded string to wiki.
2005-07-21 stronk7Now paging of older versions is showed and working...
2005-07-21 stronk7Try to maintain user preferences synchronised between...
2005-07-21 mitspolished and translated a help file for workshop.
2005-07-21 mitsUpdated some, based on standard theme.
2005-07-21 moodlerMerged tidy from stable
2005-07-21 thepurpleblobChanges for revised filters administration page.
2005-07-21 moodlerRun the online assignment cleanup code automatically...
2005-07-21 moodlerFixes database errors from faulty Journal to Online...
2005-07-21 thepurpleblobmerged from STABLE
2005-07-21 thepurpleblobVarious small changes suggested by Dmitry Pupinin.
2005-07-20 mitsUpdated some, based on standard theme.
2005-07-20 martignoniAdded prerequisites support
2005-07-20 scop22Updating Korean language pack EUC-KR version to same...
2005-07-20 defacerAdding some fields to mdl_event to facilitate iCalendar...
2005-07-20 defacerMerging from STABLE:
2005-07-20 scop22Adding two new files to the Korean language pack (utf8...
2005-07-20 defacerMerging from STABLE:
2005-07-20 scop22test
2005-07-20 mitstranslated new strings for scorm.php.
2005-07-20 djachenko""
2005-07-20 thepurpleblobAdded paths for windows
2005-07-20 bobopinnaUpdate Moodle release request
2005-07-20 bobopinnaUpdated Roadmap
2005-07-20 bobopinnaAdded prerequisites support
2005-07-20 thepurpleblobmerged from STABLE
2005-07-20 moodlerMerged fix from stable
2005-07-20 mitstranslated a help file for workshop.
2005-07-20 moodlerMerged multiline link fix from stable
2005-07-20 mitspolished.
2005-07-19 defacerMerging from STABLE:
2005-07-19 koenrnew language pack from Dovix
2005-07-19 stronk7Snoopy goes 1.2 (es)
2005-07-19 stronk7Snoopy goes 1.2
2005-07-19 mitspolished.
2005-07-19 martignoniTypo corrected
2005-07-19 martignonihttpsrequired string.
2005-07-19 thepurpleblobmerged from STABLE
2005-07-19 mitsPolished.
2005-07-19 mitsmodified README
2005-07-18 patricksleeFixed when $cm is NULL, postgres still reports error.
2005-07-18 mitstranslated a help file for workshop.
2005-07-18 mitspolished, translated help files for workshop.
2005-07-18 michaelpenneFixed bug with displaying the gradebook when it is...
2005-07-18 mitstranslated one string for enrol_authorize.php.
2005-07-18 ethemhttpsrequired string.
2005-07-18 ethemMore security, loginhttps must be ON.
2005-07-18 martignoniRemove duplicate word
2005-07-18 martignoniReplaced everywhere 'Discipline' with 'Cat├ęgorie de...
2005-07-18 moodleripatlas has been moved to /iplookup/ipatlas
2005-07-18 moodlerLogs now call new iplookup plugin
2005-07-18 moodlerAdded new structure for iplookups (ie called from logs).
2005-07-18 moodlerAdding this file again to make things work .... is...
2005-07-18 ikawheroUsing absolute path name.
2005-07-17 mitstranslated a help file for advanced markdown.
2005-07-17 stronk7Updated to 1.5.2
2005-07-17 martignoniSome cleaning
2005-07-17 koenrnew UTF-8 compatible language pack for tl. Thanks Roel.
2005-07-17 koenrNew strings for lt from Aidas
2005-07-17 moodlerDisable the Dialogue module if the directory doesn...
2005-07-17 moodlerRemoving Dialogue from main tree:
2005-07-16 martignoniSome tweaks
2005-07-16 ethemCall get_course_cost once.
2005-07-16 mindforgeAn explanation of the functions defined in questionlib.php
2005-07-16 mindforgeAdded some $options options.
2005-07-16 mitstranslated new release notes for Moodle 1.5.2.
2005-07-16 martignoniAdded release notes for 1.5.2
2005-07-16 ethemAdded some indexes for speed.
2005-07-16 mindforgeMerged from STABLE.
2005-07-16 mindforgeRuntime objects documentation complete.
2005-07-16 mindforgeResponse storage documentation completed.
2005-07-16 mitspolished.
2005-07-16 bariasMinor updates in spanish translation
2005-07-16 rcantadaput diacritical mark on translation of word open to...
2005-07-15 moodlerCopied from stable
2005-07-15 moodlerCopied files from stable into head
2005-07-15 moodlerMerged fixes from STABLE for submodules
2005-07-15 moodlerMerged proper support for module submodules into HEAD...
2005-07-15 mitstranslated one string for resource.php
2005-07-15 ikawheroReturn control to original script after including a...
2005-07-15 moodlerMerged field width fixes from stable
2005-07-15 bobopinnaUpdated to Moodle 1.6 Develop
2005-07-15 martignoniAdded string for adding links to repositories
2005-07-15 bobopinnaUpdate to Moodle 1.6 develop
2005-07-15 ralf-bonnsome corrected strings
2005-07-15 stronk7Added .required to show some boxes properly.
2005-07-15 stronk7Updated preventpassindb to work properly.