2004-03-20 moodlerSome blank index.html files to prevent browsing
2004-03-20 moodlerDummy index to prevent browsing
2004-03-20 moodlerAdded a small security check
2004-03-19 koenrtypo
2004-03-19 julmisStyles enabled on table-operations dialogs
2004-03-19 moodlerMultianswer cloze questions now show feedback (you...
2004-03-19 moodlerTo avoid some unpleasant stuff with filters etc, I...
2004-03-19 moodlerLatest version for Moodle 1.2 from wim
2004-03-19 selliottOn second thought, let's display the lastaccess in...
2004-03-19 selliottModified to be more consistent with user/index.php...
2004-03-19 selliottAdded search parameter to get_course_students.
2004-03-19 moodlerFixed some bad text
2004-03-18 stronk7Bump to update possible release date.
2004-03-18 koenrtypo
2004-03-18 mitsPolished some. New translation & files added.
2004-03-18 martignoniSmall correction
2004-03-17 paca70Updates from Jussi Kurikka
2004-03-17 mitspolished.
2004-03-16 julmistable-operations file that seems to only working...
2004-03-16 julmismakefile.xml
2004-03-16 julmisFixing typos :-( sorry!!!
2004-03-16 koenrfilling in missing strings
2004-03-16 julmisRemovelink feature added
2004-03-16 julmisUpdates
2004-03-16 julmisRemovelink image
2004-03-16 julmisTableOperations enabled on fullscreen mode, finally :-)
2004-03-16 mitsone help file translated
2004-03-16 stronk7Bump to update possible release date.
2004-03-16 moodlerFixed some newly-introduced bugs caused by recent funct...
2004-03-16 moodlerFixes for displaying numbers of assignment submissions...
2004-03-16 martignoniUpdate to deleteunconfirmed feature
2004-03-16 moodlerUpdaed
2004-03-16 moodlerWhoops! Just realised I never fully finished the delet...
2004-03-16 moodlerSome security fixes with directory listing
2004-03-16 moodlerFixed bug with empty string
2004-03-15 koenrinitial translation by koen roggemans
2004-03-15 moodlerHandle '+' signs in short answers
2004-03-15 moodlerDon't allow links within forum post subjects when filte...
2004-03-14 stronk7Avoid one undefined THEME little problem in html_header()
2004-03-14 mitsnew translation.
2004-03-14 paca70Typos, oh no typos again!
2004-03-14 paca70Added link to translation site
2004-03-14 villatePortuguese translation of the English version from...
2004-03-14 villateCompleted the translation for version 1.2
2004-03-14 paca70Updates
2004-03-14 paca70Added default values
2004-03-14 stronk7Avoid login as himself to teachers. One missing USER
2004-03-14 stronk7Avoid some division by 9 warnings when showing anonymously
2004-03-14 stronk7Small typo causing some warnings. $theme ----> $THEME
2004-03-14 stronk7Upgrade to new release day
2004-03-13 martignoniSuppression of "work in progress" warning
2004-03-13 koenrfound a shorter word: now it fits the frame :-)
2004-03-13 martignoniTweaks to dates
2004-03-13 martignoniOption to control whether uploaded files are parsed...
2004-03-13 martignoniAdditional String, couple of minor changes.
2004-03-13 martignoniMissing string added.
2004-03-13 martignoniUpdated help file for shortanswers explaining the wildcards
2004-03-13 martignoniForgotten help file translated
2004-03-13 martignoniUpdate to 1.2 final. French is ready for release. Youpi !
2004-03-13 martignoniUpdate to 'en' version 1.264
2004-03-13 ralf-bonnNeue Felder eingearbeitet
2004-03-13 moodlerBumping it up
2004-03-13 koenrmissing string
2004-03-13 moodlerNew function journal_count_entries() and more accurate...
2004-03-13 moodlerDecalre some globals so debugging works better
2004-03-13 moodlerNew string for groups
2004-03-13 moodlerCleanups for bug 1117
2004-03-13 moodlerFinally fixed those annoying 'loginas' links on the...
2004-03-13 moodlerGrades page now supports groups
2004-03-13 moodlerFunction name change ... hope it doesn't break any...
2004-03-13 moodlerFunction name change ... hope it doesn't break any...
2004-03-13 moodlerThe menu when moving discussions now has section markers
2004-03-13 moodlerNon-editing teachers shouldn't be able to assign students
2004-03-13 moodlerNon-editing teachers should not be able to assign students
2004-03-13 moodlerToo many bugs, not enough time!
2004-03-13 moodlerSome fixes for display of survey reports
2004-03-13 moodlerFull paths when including pclzip bug 1139
2004-03-13 moodlerOK that should fix the access problem, as well as a...
2004-03-13 moodlerSome fixes to counting, still need to fix some access...
2004-03-13 koenrforgot to review it: fixed some typo's
2004-03-13 moodlerSome fixes. :-}
2004-03-13 koenrinitial translation by Koen Roggemans
2004-03-13 mitsAdded Paul Shew's translation.
2004-03-13 moodlerOK, so the forums listing is revamped with different...
2004-03-13 moodlerAdd a count of the number of activites using a particul...
2004-03-13 mitspolished.
2004-03-13 mitspolished & translated some.
2004-03-13 koenrfilling in missing strings
2004-03-13 koenradded help about the use of the * in shortanswer
2004-03-13 mitstranslated some.
2004-03-13 mitsPolished.
2004-03-13 andersbeAll the strings in the php-files are translated as...
2004-03-13 moodlerOK, now I'm just wasting time. :-) Hand-tweaked some...
2004-03-13 moodlerI shouldn't have sharpened the black border as well...
2004-03-13 moodlerSlightly sharper edges on the small logo
2004-03-13 moodlerWHen showing just course categories, then the title...
2004-03-13 julmisSections, create folder and fileupload enabled also...
2004-03-12 martignoniEnd of translation of Module lesson
2004-03-12 rkingdonMissing string added.
2004-03-12 moodlerUpdated help file for shortanswers explaining the wildcards