2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short PHP tags
2003-09-09 moodlerRemoved some short PHP tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFixes for obfuscate_text() when printing emails with...
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving upgrade.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving teacher.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving release.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving licence.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving install.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving future.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving files.php
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving features.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving faq.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving developer.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving cvs.html
2003-09-08 koenrminor error corrected
2003-09-08 koenrtranslated by koen roggemans
2003-09-08 anvergararemoving background.html
2003-09-08 rkingdonFix a bug in final grades when users submit more than...
2003-09-08 moodlerSlight fix for category names (too big on IE)
2003-09-08 moodlerInitialized showgrades
2003-09-08 moodlerFixed typo "options"
2003-09-08 moodlerMissing brackets on isadmin()
2003-09-08 moodlerFixed some variables
2003-09-07 stronk7Included workshop_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Included survey_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Included resource_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Included quiz_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Modified a bit the xx_get_participants() function to...
2003-09-07 stronk7Included journal_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Included forum_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 koenrtranslated by koen roggemans
2003-09-07 koenrcorrecting minor changes
2003-09-07 koenrhartstikke replaced with hartelijk
2003-09-07 koenrleraars replaced with leraren
2003-09-07 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-09-07 koenrwoordopmaak ontbreekt vervangen door gatentekst
2003-09-07 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-09-07 koenrLeraars vervangen door leraren
2003-09-07 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-09-07 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-09-06 moodlerAdded hack for guest login with seeing login page
2003-09-05 adamtpawUpdates and new translation
2003-09-05 moodlerAny admin can assign creators
2003-09-05 adamtpawll coorection
2003-09-05 adamtpawdrobne uzupeĀ³nienia
2003-09-05 adamtpawUzupeĀ³nienie i korekta
2003-09-05 johncaptainfix typo
2003-09-05 johncaptainsmtphost blank addition to e-mail question
2003-09-04 stronk7Included choice_get_participants() function.
2003-09-04 stronk7Included chat_get_participants() function.
2003-09-04 moodlerTITLEs have all tags stripped ...
2003-09-03 koenrTranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-09-03 stronk7Included assignment_get_participants() function.
2003-09-03 moodlerSome tweaks in the category/course display (styles...
2003-09-03 moodlerImprovements in styles for category/course listings
2003-09-03 moodlerSome small fixes to the category display:
2003-09-03 moodlerTweaking image placement for different browsers
2003-09-03 moodlerBump - will release 1.1.1 soon to wrap up some of these...
2003-09-03 moodlerSome cleaning up and improvement of the course listings...
2003-09-03 moodlerAllow Course creators to see all hidden categories...
2003-09-03 moodlerInvisible courses get put last on the My Courses listing
2003-09-03 moodlerFixed a little typo on PostgreSQL code
2003-09-02 rkingdonTidy up the handling of "hanging" assessments.
2003-09-02 moodlerNew translation: Afrikaans by
2003-09-02 moodlerTypo in date calculation!
2003-09-02 moodlerDefault redirection time should be zero
2003-09-02 moodlerRedirection speed is faster (use 0), also prevents...
2003-09-01 moodlerSlightly different way of doing this to avoid problems...
2003-09-01 moodlerMove the search up closer to the top
2003-09-01 moodlerBump
2003-08-31 moodlerFor some reason there was a target on the delete link...
2003-08-31 moodlerSearch results link use the anchor tag rather than...
2003-08-31 moodlerFixed commas
2003-08-31 moodlerOuch!! Missing PostgreSQL files for chat module
2003-08-30 moodlerTime to start moving on to 1.2, or possibly 1.1.1
2003-08-30 moodlerStripslashes off data before adding them to current...
2003-08-29 adamtpawRemoved "de" in dates.
2003-08-29 adamtpawchat help files
2003-08-29 adamtpawFirst translation of chat module
2003-08-29 adamtpawsmall corrections
2003-08-29 rkingdonFix bug when deleting a submission. Very recent assessm...
2003-08-29 danielfetzer*** empty log message ***
2003-08-29 danielfetzer*** empty log message ***
2003-08-29 moodlerRobustness for some variables
2003-08-29 moodlerRemoved unnecessary line
2003-08-29 moodlerFix for switching languages in documentation
2003-08-29 moodlerRELEASE 1.1
2003-08-29 moodlerSome tweaks from Teemu
2003-08-29 moodlerVersion change :-)
2003-08-29 moodlerTidied up the images a little bit to make them a bit...
2003-08-29 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-08-29 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-08-29 moodlerSome tweaks to mention that zlib is needed on Windows
2003-08-29 moodlerAdded some missing styles from the course listing,...
2003-08-29 moodlerQuestions were being created here without a stamp
2003-08-29 moodlerFixed uniitialised variable
2003-08-28 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-08-28 paca70Quick (untested) fix to make table and index creation...
2003-08-28 rkingdonAddition of returnto parameter to workshop_print_assess...