2004-02-23 moodlerEloy's white-background version!
2004-02-22 koenrcorrected some typo's and malformed sentences
2004-02-22 stronk7Solved two bugs when restoring and groups or events...
2004-02-22 koenrinitial translation by Koen Roggemans
2004-02-22 koenrmissing strings
2004-02-22 ralf-bonnNeue Felder und Verbesserungen im Anmeldebildschirm
2004-02-22 ralf-bonnErstübersetzung
2004-02-22 ralf-bonnNeue Felder übersetzt
2004-02-22 martignoniMore tweeks and corrected typos
2004-02-22 stronk7Added to strings about backup & restore of events.
2004-02-22 stronk7Now every all the logs are restored.
2004-02-22 stronk7Opps, returning to version 1.3 (before I put two lines...
2004-02-22 stronk7Now lesson logs are restored too!!
2004-02-22 stronk7Some minor changes because the:
2004-02-22 stronk7Added the lesson_get_participants() function
2004-02-22 martignoniUpdate to new strings
2004-02-22 moodlerTaking the edges off a bit ... this might be a waste...
2004-02-22 moodlerTrying a new logo on the home page ... hope it doesn...
2004-02-22 fiedorowNow ++ argument is optional
2004-02-22 moodlerFixes for IE
2004-02-22 moodlerConsistent capitals
2004-02-22 moodlerLittle fix
2004-02-22 stronk7Now forum logs are restored.
2004-02-22 moodlerAnother fix for recent testers only I think
2004-02-22 moodlerWHoops, forgot a bit
2004-02-22 moodlerA proper GUI for filters :-)
2004-02-22 moodlerSome new strings, including filter names
2004-02-22 stronk7In the delete discussion action, as the discussion...
2004-02-22 stronk7Solved small bug in delete discussion action, where the
2004-02-22 stronk7Added the forum->id into the info field
2004-02-22 moodlerMore robustness when dealing with links that may have...
2004-02-22 julmisMinor fix for $imagepath.
2004-02-22 moodlerRenamed dynalink.php to filter.php for consistency...
2004-02-21 fiedorowFix for case when $CFG->dirroot contains spaces, especi...
2004-02-21 willcast- Dealing with incompatibilities related to posgresql.
2004-02-21 willcast- Fixing come incompatilities with PostgreSQL.
2004-02-21 martignoniSome more typos corrected
2004-02-21 martignoni'Mettre à jour' -> 'Modifier'
2004-02-21 martignoniSome typos corrected
2004-02-21 thetrinityGIFT: Proofreading and minor changes. Cleaned up HTML...
2004-02-21 moodlerMany updates from Janne.
2004-02-21 moodlerRenamed a variable to fix display when different langua...
2004-02-21 willcast- Linking global categories from within courses now...
2004-02-21 stronk7Take out all he notices in this form, it had a lot !!
2004-02-21 stronk7Some important changes:
2004-02-21 stronk7Modified the log of the "change password" action to...
2004-02-21 willcast- Linking global categories from within courses now...
2004-02-21 fiedorowBetter way to eliminate superfluous parentheses in...
2004-02-20 selliottAdded strings for course/recent.php and course/lib.php
2004-02-20 selliottAdded some strings for course/recent.php and course...
2004-02-20 selliottCleaned up some string literals
2004-02-20 selliottAdded logic in function assignment_get_recent_mod_activ...
2004-02-20 selliottAdded logic in function forum_get_recent_mod_activity...
2004-02-20 selliottAdded logic in function quiz_get_recent_mod_activity...
2004-02-20 selliottchanges to function print_recent_selector_form for...
2004-02-20 selliottAdded logic for a normal view and advanced view for...
2004-02-20 stronk7Updated a bit.
2004-02-20 stronk7Bump to 1.2 alpha (to be synchronized) :-)
2004-02-20 fiedorowYip's additions for Greek letters and bug fixes
2004-02-20 fiedorowStatically linked mimetex.linux; bug fix for texdebug.php
2004-02-20 moodlerBumping it up a notch
2004-02-20 moodlerGroups support on Surveys. Phew.
2004-02-20 villateSome of the new variables translated.
2004-02-20 moodlerUndoing recent changes ... should be in a separate...
2004-02-20 moodlerReverting a bad bug recently introduced by Petri which...
2004-02-20 moodlerInclude "Courses" in heading as generic title
2004-02-20 moodlerClean up of terminology course categories and courses
2004-02-20 moodlerChange course sideblock title depending on contents
2004-02-20 moodlerMake Quicktime movies loop by default
2004-02-20 moodlerEmail enable/disable strings
2004-02-20 moodlerGUI to allow disabling of user email addresses (from...
2004-02-20 bobopinna*** empty log message ***
2004-02-20 moodlerNew user field called "emailstop" ... to stop emails.
2004-02-20 moodlerMaking the link title look a bit nicer for long strings...
2004-02-20 moodlerAdd some feedback and instructions for other platforms
2004-02-20 moodlerAdded default platform
2004-02-20 moodlerAdded the default platform back again. :-)
2004-02-20 moodlerFIxed bug with forced languages by moving string defini...
2004-02-20 moodlerLatest updates for Chinese Simplified!
2004-02-20 fiedorowImproved debugging of mimetex
2004-02-19 koenrmissing strings
2004-02-19 fiedorowNow strips outermost parentheses in denominators
2004-02-19 paca70Fixed INT4 SERIAL
2004-02-19 moodlerFormat answers in multiple choice questions
2004-02-19 fiedorowAdded debugger for TeX filter
2004-02-19 fiedorowAdded debugger for algebra filter
2004-02-19 moodlerCleaned up group menus
2004-02-19 moodlerFor the group functions, a group 0 means everyone
2004-02-19 moodlerGroups menu now includes "All groups"
2004-02-19 moodlerDon't bug out when sort not specified
2004-02-19 moodlerNew error message
2004-02-19 giro123Benito Arias
2004-02-19 moodlerAdd string for "All groups"
2004-02-19 mitstranslated few.
2004-02-19 moodlerFixed missing log_displays - thanks Eloy!
2004-02-19 moodlerFixed missing Label logs - thanks Eloy!
2004-02-19 paca70First changes for creating help-translation system.
2004-02-19 paca70Removed signed/unsigned definations (Thanks to Ulrik...
2004-02-19 paca70First versions for postgres7.
2004-02-19 moodlerDon't show editing icons when questions can't be edited!