2004-05-07 stronk7Included global $THEME to support custom images...
2004-05-07 gustav_deliusfixed bug 1093 by applying clean_text to $forum->intro
2004-05-07 gustav_deliusfixed bug 1037 by improving clean_filename()
2004-05-07 moodler6 Meg file in a language pack? er, no. :-)
2004-05-07 gustav_deliusblock name is now 'Section links'
2004-05-07 defacerEloy discovered this little bug hiding under the rug...
2004-05-07 defacerModified the behavior of upcoming events block to be...
2004-05-07 defacerFix for bug 1321:
2004-05-07 defacerFix for bug 1320:
2004-05-07 martignoniAdded string 'unsubscribeshort'
2004-05-07 martignoniAdded 'parentlanguage'
2004-05-07 martignoniAdded two strings about deleting blocks from admin...
2004-05-07 martignoniTypos corrected
2004-05-07 martignoniIt is possible to create weekly repeating events
2004-05-07 martignoniNew file translated
2004-05-07 moodlerEmail from forums is marked as "bulk" to reduce vacatio...
2004-05-07 moodlerMoodle mail can set precedence levels for email
2004-05-07 moodlerMailer handles precedence header
2004-05-07 moodlerRenamed file
2004-05-07 moodlerRenamed "weeks_topics" to "section_links"
2004-05-06 stronk7Now ORIGINAL_WWWROOT is saved in backup and restored...
2004-05-06 stronk7Now links to forums are encoded properly
2004-05-06 stronk7Added two strings about deleting blocks from admin...
2004-05-06 stronk7Some minor changes about the system to encode file...
2004-05-06 koenrpollishing translation
2004-05-06 koenrinitial translation by Koen Roggemans
2004-05-06 jungwirrfixed bug 1325 - hard-coded string for add multiple...
2004-05-06 gustav_deliusa new block providing links to weeks/topics, see moodle...
2004-05-06 gustav_deliusadd anchors to week/topics on course homepage
2004-05-06 gustav_deliusUpdated CVS info in foreign language docs
2004-05-06 gustav_deliusIt is possible to create weekly repeating events but...
2004-05-06 defacerFix for 3-month pane event filters, now you don't get...
2004-05-06 moodlerFix for bug 1312 ... just for robustness in the URLs
2004-05-05 jungwirradded help files for most options of the module. Updat...
2004-05-05 jungwirrchanged the options settings to be more compliant with...
2004-05-05 moodlerHide users in "hidden" chats from students. bug...
2004-05-05 moodlerLatvian translation!
2004-05-05 gustav_deliusEvents associated to hidden activities are now invisibl...
2004-05-05 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2004-05-04 martignoniAdded string for "Take Attendance" in view.php
2004-05-04 jungwirrfixed a bunch more foreach loops to test for null value...
2004-05-04 jungwirrfixed viewall.php to reflect the (unlikely) circumstanc...
2004-05-04 jungwirrFixed the empty grades for attendance.
2004-05-04 jungwirradded string for "Take Attendance" in view.php
2004-05-04 jungwirrAdded "Take attendance" option that allows a teacher...
2004-05-04 martignoniAdded two help files for forum rsstype & rssarticles.
2004-05-04 martignoniFixed CVS hosts
2004-05-04 martignoniAddes new translated file
2004-05-04 martignoniMore realistic dates
2004-05-04 martignoniA new resource type called Directory
2004-05-04 martignoniAdded two missing strings for scheduled backups.
2004-05-04 martignoni'strftimedayshort' modified
2004-05-04 martignoniSome new strings for RSS
2004-05-04 martignoniUser pictures can now be deleted - interface is improve...
2004-05-04 martignoniChanged hiddentopics to hiddensections
2004-05-04 martignoniNew strftime string for use by the calendar: Month...
2004-05-04 bobopinnaUpdated by Bobo.
2004-05-04 moodlerFixed CVS hosts
2004-05-04 andreabixChanged calendar colors to accomplish needs of people...
2004-05-04 bobopinnaTraslated by Bobo
2004-05-04 bobopinnaUpdated and translated by Bobo
2004-05-04 bobopinnaTraslated by Andrea Bicciolo
2004-05-04 moodlerQuick fix for bug 1303 ... but I'll come back to this...
2004-05-04 moodlerFIxed a logic bug when getting files ... bug 1305
2004-05-03 koenrpollishing translation
2004-05-03 koenrfilling in missing strings...
2004-05-03 koenrinitial translation by Koen Roggemans
2004-05-03 jungwirrfixed another foreach problem in lib.
2004-05-03 stronk7Added two help files for forum rsstype & rssarticles.
2004-05-03 stronk7Added two missing strings for scheduled backups.
2004-05-03 stronk7Added support for rsstype and rssarticles in forum's
2004-05-03 defacerL10n fixes and a bug fix... at least I _hope_ they...
2004-05-03 moodlerBetter protection against Googlers
2004-05-03 moodlerDocument $CFG->forceloginforprofiles
2004-05-03 moodlerForcelogin works on user profiles, and a new setting...
2004-05-03 koenrpollishing translation
2004-05-03 moodlerSome new strings for RSS
2004-05-03 defacerSome l10n problems fixed.
2004-05-03 moodlerMore realistic dates
2004-05-03 moodlerMinor change to table format
2004-05-03 moodlerRemoving some security checks that seem to cause trouble
2004-05-03 koenrremoving file
2004-05-03 koenrinitial translation by Koen Roggemans
2004-05-03 koenrfilling in missing strings...
2004-05-02 stronk7I suppose that now forum needs current version of Moodle
2004-05-02 stronk7First version of RSS System.
2004-05-02 stronk7Changed hiddentopics to hiddensections in backup and...
2004-05-02 moodlerUse the folder icon for Directory resources
2004-05-02 paca70Updates
2004-05-02 moodlerIndicating dependency
2004-05-02 moodlerThis is required for directory resources
2004-05-02 moodlerFix path problem with main directory listing
2004-05-02 moodlerAdded file size and table headings to Directory resource
2004-05-02 moodlerA new resource type called Directory ... it simply...
2004-05-02 moodlerSome modifications to texts
2004-05-02 moodlerSome fixes to headers
2004-05-02 moodlerDon't require login to site level glossary entries
2004-05-01 stronk7Small change in navmenu() to hide hiddensections,
2004-05-01 moodlerFixed doubling in upcoming events block, I think.
2004-05-01 moodlerRemoved a doubling of event names