2003-03-11 moodlerYou can now use Richtext editor to edit section texts...
2003-03-11 mitsno message
2003-03-11 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-10 moodlerCorrected typo
2003-03-10 moodlerTidied up and rearranged a little
2003-03-10 moodlerImprovements to explain about AcceptPathInfo
2003-03-10 moodlerAdded something for Apache 2 (to make 'slasharguments...
2003-03-07 paca70rtf-editor had mixed up some files
2003-03-07 villateImproved translation of "search forums".
2003-03-07 moodlerAdd a target to the "made with moodle" link to avoid...
2003-03-07 paca70RitchText editor had mixed up all php code.
2003-03-06 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-06 paca70updates
2003-03-06 moodlerAdded missing styles and so fixed bug of display of...
2003-03-06 moodlerSome fixes sent in by "Adriana Beal - Vydia Tecnologia...
2003-03-05 mitsPolished
2003-03-05 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-05 mitsPolished
2003-03-05 paca70updates
2003-03-05 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-05 mitsPolished
2003-03-04 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2003-03-04 compuproggyNew Translations
2003-03-04 moodlerRemove some old save_sessions
2003-03-03 mitsNew translation
2003-03-03 mitsno message
2003-03-03 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-03 moodlerUpdated versions only
2003-03-03 moodlerFixed quotes on column
2003-03-03 moodlerQuestions now have a defaultgrade column (which default...
2003-03-03 moodlerAdded QUIZ_DEFAULT_SCORE ... later this will be a quiz...
2003-03-03 moodlerSlight rewording
2003-03-03 moodlerStarted a Frequently Asked Questions page
2003-03-02 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-02 mitsno message
2003-03-02 mits*** empty log message ***
2003-03-02 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-01 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-01 mitsno message
2003-03-01 paca70Updates
2003-03-01 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-01 moodlerCourses are forced to have unique shortnames (see bug...
2003-03-01 moodlernew strings
2003-03-01 moodlerSort question list by question type
2003-03-01 moodlerCan now specify a number of random match questions...
2003-02-27 villateInitial translation.
2003-02-27 moodlerAdd support for Taiwan Chinese
2003-02-27 moodlerRemoved save_session() - no longer necessary
2003-02-27 moodlerRemoved save_session() - no longer needed.
2003-02-27 moodlerRemoved save_session() - no longer needed
2003-02-27 moodlerFixed $USER and $SESSION to be pointers to the real...
2003-02-26 paca70updates
2003-02-26 moodlerUse caching if necessary, so that teachers can't lock...
2003-02-26 moodlerNo need for ismainteacher() ... it's enough to check...
2003-02-26 moodlerCleanups for course creator.
2003-02-25 villateFixes the name of the "eachuserforum" type.
2003-02-25 villateInitial translation.
2003-02-25 villateFixes an HTML syntas error.
2003-02-25 villateInitial translation.
2003-02-25 moodlerRemoved space from end of file
2003-02-25 moodlerComplete translation into Slovak! From Pavol Jackulik.
2003-02-25 villateTranslate "post" as "mensagem", "isolated knowledge...
2003-02-25 villateA few changes in the translation
2003-02-25 moodlerDraft-only version from Les
2003-02-25 paca70Redirect teachers to course after coursecreation.
2003-02-25 paca70Fixed some typos
2003-02-25 paca70One strange 'o' jumped in..
2003-02-25 moodlerNo need for course creators to have a link to the admin...
2003-02-25 moodlerSome English spelling/grammar fixes.
2003-02-25 moodlerFix link in admin links
2003-02-25 moodlerFixed bug in table creation - (it was creating a null...
2003-02-25 moodlerTidied up some of Petri's code :-/
2003-02-24 paca70README updates
2003-02-24 paca70Some updates
2003-02-24 paca70Updates to Finnish translation and some correction...
2003-02-24 paca70Added support for nonadmin course creation.
2003-02-24 moodlerMore detail, clearer description
2003-02-24 moodlerNew table for Postgres
2003-02-24 moodlerFirst version of code to implement new "Random Matching...
2003-02-24 moodlerChanges to modify_database() so it works with string...
2003-02-24 moodlerTwo new functions for randomizing arrays
2003-02-21 moodlerRestored Davide Suraci info
2003-02-21 moodlerUpdates and fixes, mostly from Paolo Lariccia.
2003-02-20 paca70Reverted to older version, those changes should never...
2003-02-20 paca70Show creation option when available.
2003-02-20 paca70Added support for usercreation from Moodle to authentic...
2003-02-19 moodlerPortuguese, first version, contributed by Jaime Villate.
2003-02-18 paca70Finnish installation instructions.
2003-02-18 paca70updates
2003-02-18 paca70Fixed some typos and making translation more consistent.
2003-02-18 moodlerAdded changes to table_column from Petri Asikainen...
2003-02-18 moodlerFixes for the use of LIMIT in SQL for Postgres 7.3...
2003-02-17 paca70updates
2003-02-17 moodlerSelect all
2003-02-17 moodlerLittle changes
2003-02-17 moodlerAdded function to check everything on a page
2003-02-17 paca70updates
2003-02-17 moodlerFixes to survey_get_responses() to make it work better...
2003-02-16 moodlerAdded language menus to top of login pages
2003-02-16 moodlerUpdate version