2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step for SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
2005-02-17 moodlerNew styles added
2005-02-17 moodlerRemoval of THEME, added some classes, general tidy up.
2005-02-17 moodlerDon't show an error if allownull is turned on with...
2005-02-17 moodlerBetter fix for the group image uploading
2005-02-17 moodlerFIxed error when there is no image file
2005-02-17 moodlerIf the user needs to set up their account on logging...
2005-02-17 moodlerHTML cleanup
2005-02-17 mitspolished.
2005-02-17 moodlerInitialise a variable
2005-02-17 mitspolished
2005-02-17 mitsChanged Japanese expression "And" from Kanji to Hiragan...
2005-02-17 mitspolished
2005-02-17 lonecatzCorrect some translation
2005-02-17 lonecatzmore translated strings
2005-02-17 julmisMerging from MOODLE_14_STABLE
2005-02-17 moodlerSort the blocks menu..
2005-02-17 defacerVisual & DST improvements.
2005-02-17 defacerMore UI for calendar and DST options.
2005-02-16 defacerImproving admin interface for the calendar options...
2005-02-16 defacerMoving closer to DST... this whole thing is so damn...
2005-02-16 defacerFixing stuff I broke with my last commit.
2005-02-16 defacerWorking for DST support.
2005-02-16 defacerFixing page defined constant, we no longer have access...
2005-02-16 martignoniSome small modifications
2005-02-16 defacerRemove needless sort.
2005-02-16 martignoniSome important changes
2005-02-16 martignoniSome modifications
2005-02-16 miksikFixed some misspellings, capital letters, minor changes...
2005-02-16 lonecatzmore translated strings
2005-02-16 martignoniNew file
2005-02-16 martignoniFixed wording
2005-02-16 martignoniAdded one par
2005-02-16 martignoniTypo
2005-02-16 martignoniModifications to keep in sync with development
2005-02-16 martignoniFix wording
2005-02-16 martignoniSome modifications
2005-02-16 martignoniFile added
2005-02-16 lonecatzfix variable bugs in strings
2005-02-16 martignoniSome updates
2005-02-16 martignoniOne string to fix orphaned questions. See bug 2380
2005-02-16 mudrd8mzScript now doesn't create empty /docs and /help files...
2005-02-16 mitsFor XHTML compliance
2005-02-16 fiedorowAllow authentication method to be specified in bulk...
2005-02-16 mchurchBug #2133 - Fixed group caching for loginas.
2005-02-16 fiedorowhook for redirecting to externally hosted courses
2005-02-16 koenrxhtml compliance
2005-02-16 gustav_deliusDon't show groups icons for resources and labels, see...
2005-02-16 koenrempty options are necessary - with   they validate ok
2005-02-16 koenrxhtml compliance
2005-02-16 gustav_deliusIn order to ensure that when a teacher hides a resource...
2005-02-16 moodlerSome more styles added
2005-02-16 moodlerAdding styles to the user information
2005-02-16 koenrxhtml compliance
2005-02-16 martinlanghoffFixed course.idnumber not being varchar(100) in install...
2005-02-16 moodlerRemove html around paging bar
2005-02-16 moodlerStyle for paging
2005-02-16 moodlerSome new style fixes - thanks Shane!
2005-02-16 moodlerSome fixes to styles etc
2005-02-16 moodlerRemoved password to avoid it being cached maybe, see...
2005-02-16 moodlerFIxed up styles and lots of quotes
2005-02-16 mitstranslated some.
2005-02-16 mitstranslated some.
2005-02-16 moodlerWhen updating we don't always want to change visibility...
2005-02-15 martinlanghoffFixed bug 2553 - truncate_userinfo() was out-of-sync...
2005-02-15 stronk7Now orphaned questions are reassigned before backup.
2005-02-15 stronk7Created the fix_orphaned_questions() function.
2005-02-15 stronk7One string to fix orphaned questions. See bug 2380
2005-02-15 koenrxhtml compliance
2005-02-15 mitstranslated few strings.
2005-02-15 martignoniSmall correction
2005-02-15 martignoniTypo
2005-02-15 martignoniAddded en support for quiz->decimalpoints.
2005-02-15 martignoniVery very quick checking of new lang doc editing script...
2005-02-15 martignoniNew admin config variable 'allowuserblockhiding' will...
2005-02-15 mitspolished and new help files translated.
2005-02-15 martignoniStop DB inserts we know are going to fail, and clearer...
2005-02-15 martignoniFix bug 1998
2005-02-15 martignoniChanged language string, see bug 2169
2005-02-15 martignoniFixed behaviour of groups.php in the case of an empty...
2005-02-15 martignoniNeeded strings for MIM restore.
2005-02-15 stronk7Now user->theme, group->theme and course->theme are...
2005-02-15 martignoniWhen course is hidden a student trying to enter gets...
2005-02-15 martignoniAdded string 'counteditems' to allow better translation...
2005-02-15 martignoniSmall addition to 'noteuserschangednonetocourse'
2005-02-15 martignoniChanged the wording again .. should be easier to scan...
2005-02-15 martignoniChange the string for the hide/show ... showimmediately...
2005-02-15 martignoniNew string to backup messages in SITE backups
2005-02-15 martignoniNew 'showimmediately' string
2005-02-15 martignoni"Edited by" string
2005-02-15 koenrxhtml compliance
2005-02-15 koenrI'm messing things up - the readme.txt is already linke...
2005-02-15 koenrtxt is not necessary
2005-02-15 koenrnew readme
2005-02-15 koenrNew language pack: korean -utf8
2005-02-15 moodlerFixed a notice
2005-02-15 moodlerForgot to check this in
2005-02-15 moodlerSmall forum fixes
2005-02-15 moodlerChecking in some unfinished work on forums ... moving...
2005-02-15 moodlerChecking in what I've got so far here ... lots to do.