2003-09-14 moodlerNew module: Label.
2003-09-14 moodlerTwo things are in this checkin:
2003-09-14 moodlerUsed the wrong function to display the message (Notify...
2003-09-14 moodlerNew help files for label module
2003-09-14 moodlerPut rating setup last because it's optional
2003-09-14 moodlerSome early phpdoc-style documentation (thanks to Russel...
2003-09-14 adamtpawupdate for Moodle 1.1
2003-09-13 moodlerShow restore icon all the time, even if there are no...
2003-09-13 moodlerTime to move on!
2003-09-13 moodlerFrontpage directories to ignore are called _vti_cnf...
2003-09-13 les_kopariOracle tables, etc converted from mysql, plus test...
2003-09-13 les_kopariOracle tables, etc converted from mysql.
2003-09-13 moodlerPLace included metadata lines above the <title>
2003-09-12 mitsNew translation added, and polished some.
2003-09-12 koenrTranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-09-12 koenrTranslated files in index; alphabetical order
2003-09-11 moodler1.1.1 - now with less short_tags! v1.1.1
2003-09-11 moodlerFixed some short tags
2003-09-11 moodlerFIxed some short tags
2003-09-11 moodlerShort tags
2003-09-11 moodlerSome short tags
2003-09-11 moodlerRemoved short tags
2003-09-11 moodlerMore short tags
2003-09-11 moodlerMore short tags not found by the script :-( :-(
2003-09-11 moodlerDoh! No need to check for short_tags any more.
2003-09-11 mitsCharacter code fixed shift_jis to EUC-JP
2003-09-10 moodlerFixed a little bug that sometimes shows with empty...
2003-09-10 moodlerUpdated
2003-09-10 moodlerActually makes sense now
2003-09-10 moodlerEmail
2003-09-10 moodlerPut something in it
2003-09-10 moodlerMoved index.html
2003-09-10 moodlerFIxed widths properly
2003-09-10 moodlerFixed some typos when defining tables
2003-09-10 moodlerFixed a missing PostgreSQL field that had never been...
2003-09-10 moodlerAdded missing showrecent field to PostgreSQL
2003-09-10 moodlerOne GROUP BY -> DISTINCT
2003-09-10 moodlerSome fixes for PostgreSQL (use DISTINCT)
2003-09-10 moodlerMentioned tweak about creating missing language files
2003-09-10 moodlerThis is pretty much it - I'm starting packaging soon.
2003-09-10 moodlerTry to create missing string files if possible (thanks...
2003-09-10 moodlerNo longer needed
2003-09-10 moodlerUpdates from Radoslav Kalakay
2003-09-10 moodlerSome slight improvement in aligning icons
2003-09-10 moodlerAdmin self-edit fix and quiz no-grade fix
2003-09-10 moodlerAll grades are hidden now when zero grade is chosen...
2003-09-10 moodlerFIxed locale
2003-09-10 moodlerUpdates in Thai for 1.1
2003-09-10 moodlerQuiz grades can be set to zero.
2003-09-09 anvergara*** empty log message ***
2003-09-09 anvergaraRemoving README.txt
2003-09-09 moodlerAllow the primary admin to edit their own account even...
2003-09-09 moodlershort_tags no longer necessary
2003-09-09 villateGives credit to contributors
2003-09-09 villateA few typos corrected
2003-09-09 villateTranslation contributed by Paulo Figueira
2003-09-09 villateInitial translation
2003-09-09 moodlerMore details in the README.txt
2003-09-09 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-09-09 villateA few changes plus sume updates contributed by Paulo...
2003-09-09 moodlerDon't need these anymore
2003-09-09 moodlerDon't need this font
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some PHP short_tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short-tags
2003-09-09 moodlerprint an error if data isn't there
2003-09-09 moodlerNew string "errorwhenconfirming" used in login/confirm...
2003-09-09 moodlerAdded some stuff for Moodle 1.1.1
2003-09-09 moodlerAbout time for a bump!
2003-09-09 moodlerRemoved the language credits in favour of the new Langu...
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short PHP tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFIxed some short PHP tags
2003-09-09 moodlerUse a shorter course search page on front page, for...
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short PHP tags
2003-09-09 moodlerRemoved some short PHP tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFixes for obfuscate_text() when printing emails with...
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving upgrade.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving teacher.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving release.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving licence.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving install.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving future.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving files.php
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving features.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving faq.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving developer.html
2003-09-08 anvergaraRemoving cvs.html
2003-09-08 koenrminor error corrected
2003-09-08 koenrtranslated by koen roggemans
2003-09-08 anvergararemoving background.html
2003-09-08 rkingdonFix a bug in final grades when users submit more than...
2003-09-08 moodlerSlight fix for category names (too big on IE)
2003-09-08 moodlerInitialized showgrades
2003-09-08 moodlerFixed typo "options"
2003-09-08 moodlerMissing brackets on isadmin()
2003-09-08 moodlerFixed some variables
2003-09-07 stronk7Included workshop_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Included survey_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Included resource_get_participants() function.
2003-09-07 stronk7Included quiz_get_participants() function.