2011-04-24 David MudrákFixed missing 'throw' keyword
2011-03-21 Petr Skodatranslations are now maintained in AMOS
2011-03-20 Petr Skodalegacy files TODO
2011-03-20 Petr Skodabump up version
2011-03-20 Petr Skodafix file restore
2011-03-19 Petr Skodabook 2.0RC
2011-03-19 Petr Skodalegacy is not used any more
2011-03-19 Petr Skodafix whitespace
2011-03-19 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2805 fix incomplete book backup
2011-02-14 Petr Skodaadd print popups
2011-02-08 Petr Skodaversion bump
2011-02-07 John KelshFixing backup encode and restore decode rule names.
2011-01-26 Petr Skodamore css cleanup
2011-01-26 Petr SkodaCSS improvements
2011-01-25 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2723 let all frontpage users view and print...
2011-01-23 Petr Skodanew component info that helps with borked installs...
2011-01-23 Petr Skodatell ppl that outdate book can not be upgraded from...
2011-01-23 Petr Skodamore room for edit form
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaimplement completion tracking
2011-01-16 Petr Skodabump version before snapshot
2011-01-16 Petr Skodafix frankenstype git_string component
2011-01-16 Petr Skodarefactor chapter printing TOC
2011-01-16 Petr Skodarefactor chapter title proccessing
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaadd numbering default setting
2011-01-16 Petr Skodafix recent edit mode bug
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaget rid of the table layout
2011-01-16 Petr Skodafix old style pix url
2011-01-16 Petr Skodafix navigation links
2011-01-16 Petr Skodamove toc to fake block, remove toc width and add new...
2011-01-16 Petr Skodafix recent typo
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaset page url
2011-01-16 Petr Skodause new frankenstyle for string components
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaimprove coding style in book structure check
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaimprove performance when fixing book structure
2011-01-16 Petr Skodafix release info
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaupdated readme
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaremove obsole disableprinting - use capabilities instead
2011-01-16 Petr Skodaimprot conversion and other cleanup
2011-01-15 Petr Skodaconversion todo
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix charset
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix error detected by code inspeaction
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix missing )
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix old style format_string and text + errors detected...
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix overriding of CSS
2011-01-15 Petr Skodacompletion todo
2011-01-15 Petr Skodamove print and other functions to the settings block
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix case
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix multilang suppport in chapter titles
2011-01-15 Petr Skodalocallib cleanup
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafix extra height attribute
2011-01-15 Petr Skodarefactor toc to locallib function
2011-01-15 Petr Skodaupdate book index page
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafixed lib.php typo
2011-01-15 Petr Skodastandard gitignore
2011-01-15 Petr Skodafixed release info and copyrights
2011-01-15 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2154 add user outline
2011-01-15 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2656 fix disabling of printing
2011-01-02 Petr Skodafixed toc allignment
2010-12-10 Petr Skodarecover from previous error
2010-12-10 Petr Skodafixed upgrade typo
2010-12-08 Petr Skodabackup/restore support
2010-12-08 Petr Skodab view.php param support
2010-12-08 Petr Skodanew file api support
2010-12-08 Petr Skodadisable import for now
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaimproved coding style
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaonly print visible pages
2010-12-08 Petr Skodatext formatting
2010-12-08 Petr Skodahelps converted, import disabled for now
2010-12-08 Petr Skodacleaning up old help
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaminor file migration improvements
2010-12-08 Petr Skodafixed intro upgrade
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaconversion
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamore help cleanup
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamore conversion
2010-12-08 Petr Skodanew help
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaremove old course dir if empty
2010-12-08 Petr Skodanewc capability coding style
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaadding pluginname string
2010-12-08 Petr Skodafixed upgrade path
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaconversion to 2.0
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaconversion to 2.0
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamore upgrades
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamissing upgrade step info
2010-12-08 Petr Skodacoursefiles not used any more
2010-12-08 Petr Skodalicenses and more upgrade
2010-12-08 Petr Skodafirst part of upgrade
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaremoving cvs tags and closing php tags
2010-12-08 Petr Skodafixing invalid icon name
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaremoving obsolete install files
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamoving all icons to new locations
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaupdated readme
2010-12-08 Petr Skodarenaming lang dirs
2010-09-01 Petr Skodarenaming lang pack
2010-08-01 Petr Skodacvsimport
2010-08-01 Petr Skodareadme for github
2010-08-01 Petr Skodagetting rid of pesky cvs Id mess
2010-08-01 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2232 oops, merging all changes from 1.9.x first
2010-08-01 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2232 preparations for git migration - line...
2010-08-01 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2232 preparations for git migration
2008-08-17 Petr Skodafixed regression reported by Miroslav FIkar