2002-11-12 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-12 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-12 paca70added support for list users from ldap.
2002-11-12 paca70Some updates
2002-11-12 moodlerSmall fix just in case numfiles isn't set ... it will...
2002-11-12 moodlerSmall tweak to specify specifically number of files...
2002-11-12 moodlerUpdated version number
2002-11-12 moodlerNew course option to enable/disable display of "recent...
2002-11-12 moodlerFor very large classes don't even try to show all the...
2002-11-12 moodlerBetter looking headings with right-to-left languages
2002-11-11 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-11 moodlerUpdates
2002-11-11 moodlerMissing file
2002-11-11 moodlerSlight update to release notes for clarity
2002-11-11 moodlerUpdated version for final release of
2002-11-11 moodlerSlightly more info in error message
2002-11-11 moodler30 per page
2002-11-11 moodlerRearranged code so some output is printed before tackli...
2002-11-10 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-10 moodlerUpdate course cache when modules are moved up or down
2002-11-10 moodlerPut a menu on the documentation
2002-11-10 moodlerUse #defines for resource types ... just esthetics
2002-11-10 moodlerAdded navmenu for journal edit page
2002-11-10 moodlerFixed front page display of modules
2002-11-10 moodlerNew info, ready for release
2002-11-10 moodlerAdded paging now, so this page is now usable with many...
2002-11-10 moodlerNew string
2002-11-10 moodlerStarting to speed up this page
2002-11-10 moodlerMore sensible varible names
2002-11-10 moodlerprint_section now uses cached course modinfo to lessen...
2002-11-10 moodlerAdded navmenu in more places
2002-11-10 moodlerFix to break out of frames
2002-11-10 moodlerTypo in navmenu
2002-11-10 moodlerBring back button to home page, update versions etc
2002-11-10 moodlerAdded menu stuff to other themes
2002-11-10 moodlerChanges to enable jumping between activity modules...
2002-11-09 moodlerLatest from Gilberto
2002-11-09 moodlerNew version date
2002-11-09 moodlerUse course setting for "student"
2002-11-09 moodlerWHoops typo
2002-11-09 moodlerFINALLY! Surveys are now translatable! :-)
2002-11-08 moodlerUsing LOCALE defines, not strings
2002-11-07 moodlerModified files from Fabricio
2002-11-07 moodlerHeader "login" link now breaks out of possible frame
2002-11-07 moodlerUpdate for course format changes etc
2002-11-07 moodlerFixes to course display, tidy up of some code (could...
2002-11-07 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-07 moodlerTweaks
2002-11-06 moodlerMake a $homepage flag for use in footers
2002-11-06 moodlerFixed some more missing strings
2002-11-06 moodlerFixes and simplification
2002-11-06 moodlerBug fix on record counting
2002-11-06 moodlerNew version and release notes for
2002-11-06 moodlerNew string
2002-11-06 moodlerAdd link to module editing ... back to module type...
2002-11-06 moodlerAdded new type of assignment - offline.
2002-11-06 moodlerWhen using loginas to be a student, you can now return...
2002-11-06 moodlerAdded string for search results
2002-11-06 moodlerLanguage fixes
2002-11-05 moodlerFixed notices a bit
2002-11-05 moodlerFixes to prevent teachers using loginas to enter other...
2002-11-05 moodlerMinor wording changes
2002-11-05 moodlerAdded Spanish
2002-11-05 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-05 moodlerAdded SMTP authentication for email delivery
2002-11-03 moodlerChecking in for Holger
2002-11-03 moodlerSimple help about assignment types
2002-11-02 moodlerChanges from Fabricio Valadares
2002-11-01 moodlerUpdates from Claudio
2002-11-01 moodlerNew guest language is same as site
2002-10-31 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-30 paca70Initial Finnish translation
2002-10-30 moodlerUpdated name of thislanguage
2002-10-30 moodlerUpdated version a little
2002-10-30 moodlerA very early Arabic translation
2002-10-30 moodlerSpanish translation (Mexican flavour) from Gilberto...
2002-10-29 moodlerChecking in CHanges to be part of a 1.0.6 rebuild to...
2002-10-29 moodlerOn second thoughts, don't apply locale to numbers becau...
2002-10-29 moodlerUse the locale to set everything (eg string conversions...
2002-10-29 moodlerFixed links back to top
2002-10-29 moodleradded documentation
2002-10-29 moodlerImprovements to documentation formatting, content etc
2002-10-29 moodlerAdded session.auto_start (off) ... having it turned...
2002-10-29 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-29 moodlerAdded short_open_tag
2002-10-29 moodlerRemoved UPGRADING.txt (replaced by doc/upgrade.html...
2002-10-29 moodlerNew upgrading page (replaces the old UPGRADING.txt)
2002-10-28 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-28 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-28 moodlerShow date in red if assignment date has passed
2002-10-28 moodlerUse translated strings for all upload feedback
2002-10-28 moodlerAdded some new strings
2002-10-28 moodlerFixed "uploaded assignment" (uploadsuccess) string
2002-10-27 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-27 moodlerTypo (Survey mentioned twice)
2002-10-26 moodlerMissing a bracket )
2002-10-26 moodlerI mean it!! This is 1.0.6!!!!
2002-10-26 moodlerFixed small bug that was displaying fractions with...
2002-10-26 moodlerOK, this is 1.0.6
2002-10-26 moodlerOne more thing - I' moved the RELEASE.html into the...