2002-11-21 moodlerTweaks to authentication system. Database method now...
2002-11-21 moodlerSlight improvements to file security (scan for more...
2002-11-20 moodlerFixed background colours of recent activity and news
2002-11-20 moodlerUpdate version slightly
2002-11-20 moodlerForgot a comma
2002-11-20 moodlerAdded guestloginbutton as default
2002-11-20 moodlerMake sure guestloginbutton is set to 1 as a default
2002-11-20 moodlerNew string for general form errors
2002-11-20 moodlerUser pictures no longer are links on main view page
2002-11-20 moodlerMade the user profile a little more robust.
2002-11-20 moodlerEr.. aligned center works better ;-)
2002-11-20 moodlerFixed alignment on category boxes in some circumstances
2002-11-19 moodlerSpacing
2002-11-19 moodlerNew version before release
2002-11-19 moodlerNew features and fixes
2002-11-19 moodlerNew files (not translated yet)
2002-11-19 moodlerChecking in new updates from Fabricio
2002-11-19 moodlerDaily changes
2002-11-19 moodlerChanged it to DOS format to help Windows users
2002-11-19 moodlerChanged all references of %e to %d to fix strftime...
2002-11-19 moodlerAdded Authentication to admin_links
2002-11-19 moodlerMore fixes
2002-11-19 moodlerFixed some strings
2002-11-19 moodlerA significant new system for authentication configurati...
2002-11-18 moodlerSmall change to allow the same user (by email) be delet...
2002-11-18 compuproggyAn alle English-Deutsch √úbersetzer, wer hilf mit? -
2002-11-18 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-18 moodlerFixed the O's
2002-11-18 moodlerAdded Norwegian
2002-11-18 moodlerRemoved an empty file
2002-11-18 moodlerComplete Norwegian translation by Joran Sorbo! joran...
2002-11-17 moodlerNew imap type (imaptls) solved problems with TLS capabl...
2002-11-17 moodlerMinor formatting
2002-11-17 moodlerAdded info about $CFG->buggy_referer
2002-11-17 moodlerUpdated version for those using CVS etc
2002-11-17 moodlerA default format for format_text() and a workaround...
2002-11-17 moodlerNow displays instructions for any authentication method
2002-11-17 moodlerSlight updates
2002-11-17 moodlerRemove { error, and move things around
2002-11-16 moodlerWhen someone logs out, cler all sessions and send them...
2002-11-16 moodlerSome docs added
2002-11-16 moodlerSlight fixes with defaults etc
2002-11-16 moodlerSeparated code for IMAP into IMAP, POP3 and NNTP
2002-11-15 moodlerAdded es_mx from Claudio ... :-)
2002-11-15 moodlerSmall tidy up of names
2002-11-15 moodlerNothing missing, just needs testing and debugging
2002-11-15 moodlerMore options and faster (use IPs always)
2002-11-15 moodlerMore authentication possibilities
2002-11-15 moodlerFirst version of code to authenticate against external...
2002-11-15 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2002-11-15 moodlerAdd option that allows students to resubmit after being...
2002-11-15 moodlerExtend the range of allowable timezones up to 13 hours...
2002-11-14 moodlerSome updates
2002-11-14 moodlerTypo in variable
2002-11-14 moodlerSet the character set of email to be the same as the...
2002-11-14 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2002-11-14 moodlerRe-rolling
2002-11-14 moodlerArgh ... fix for Netscape fix - was causing problems...
2002-11-14 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-14 moodlerUpdated link for Antonio
2002-11-14 moodlerMention the fix for very large classes
2002-11-14 moodlerGetting ready for release today
2002-11-14 moodlerChanges from Antonio to bring it up to date with 1...
2002-11-14 moodlerUpdate course cache when creating new standard forums!
2002-11-13 moodlerCatalan translation by Carles Bellver (with the help...
2002-11-13 moodlerSpanish (Spain) provided by Antonio Navarro (based...
2002-11-13 moodlerReturning to previous version
2002-11-13 moodlerSmall script to force tables to be created even if...
2002-11-13 moodlerWHoops bad typo ... made everyone a guest!
2002-11-13 moodlerGuest language ALWAYS the same as the current site...
2002-11-12 moodlerImprovements in appearance for Netscape browsers
2002-11-12 moodlerImprovements to formatting on old Netscape browsers
2002-11-12 paca70More updates
2002-11-12 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-12 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-12 paca70added support for list users from ldap.
2002-11-12 paca70Some updates
2002-11-12 moodlerSmall fix just in case numfiles isn't set ... it will...
2002-11-12 moodlerSmall tweak to specify specifically number of files...
2002-11-12 moodlerUpdated version number
2002-11-12 moodlerNew course option to enable/disable display of "recent...
2002-11-12 moodlerFor very large classes don't even try to show all the...
2002-11-12 moodlerBetter looking headings with right-to-left languages
2002-11-11 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-11 moodlerUpdates
2002-11-11 moodlerMissing file
2002-11-11 moodlerSlight update to release notes for clarity
2002-11-11 moodlerUpdated version for final release of
2002-11-11 moodlerSlightly more info in error message
2002-11-11 moodler30 per page
2002-11-11 moodlerRearranged code so some output is printed before tackli...
2002-11-10 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-10 moodlerUpdate course cache when modules are moved up or down
2002-11-10 moodlerPut a menu on the documentation
2002-11-10 moodlerUse #defines for resource types ... just esthetics
2002-11-10 moodlerAdded navmenu for journal edit page
2002-11-10 moodlerFixed front page display of modules
2002-11-10 moodlerNew info, ready for release
2002-11-10 moodlerAdded paging now, so this page is now usable with many...
2002-11-10 moodlerNew string