2005-05-19 mindforgeFix for bug 3288.
2005-05-19 moodlerFixed some notices.
2005-05-19 moodlerSome fixes for bug 3166 and the errors when in debug...
2005-05-19 moodlerFix for journal upgrade problem
2005-05-19 mindforgeFix for bug 3294.
2005-05-19 martignoniNew file added
2005-05-19 ethembe annotator.
2005-05-19 gustav_deliusQuestoin edit popup window now closes itself automatica...
2005-05-19 gustav_deliusImproved reporting during upgrade, see bug 3297
2005-05-19 ethemTurkish Documentation
2005-05-19 dlnskChanges in datetime format
2005-05-19 bobopinnaFixed some datamodel elements type
2005-05-19 martinlanghoffTypo in table_column() breaks field renaming under...
2005-05-18 stronk7Now length is correctly set and stored to DB (bug 3290)
2005-05-18 danmarsden-shouldn't have been using Javascript there! - few...
2005-05-18 koenrnew file - not understood everything yet
2005-05-18 koenrnew strings
2005-05-18 koenrtook out the double quotes, see discussion
2005-05-18 dhawesinterface fix - instead of a combo box show feeds as...
2005-05-18 gustav_deliusSome code cleanup: the function extract_response()...
2005-05-18 gustav_deliuslanguage file for the item analysis report for the...
2005-05-18 gustav_deliusUpdated version of item analysis report from Enrique
2005-05-18 dhawesdon't get extra fields which are not needed from course...
2005-05-18 stronk7Prevent multiple execution of restore. Bug 3291
2005-05-18 urs_hunklersome more changes - mainly background colors
2005-05-18 urs_hunklermainly corrected typos, changes in admin pages
2005-05-18 gustav_deliusShortened length of answer field for numerical question...
2005-05-18 mitsfixed based on standard theme.
2005-05-18 mitstranslated one string for auth.php.
2005-05-18 martignoniSuperfluous english word deleted
2005-05-18 urs_hunklertypo
2005-05-18 bobopinnafixed a problem with Firefox and bad schema version
2005-05-18 urs_hunklerin the comment in the file header stood "styles_color...
2005-05-18 urs_hunklersome optimizations
2005-05-18 martignoniTypo :-(
2005-05-18 martignoniAdded a file check for the Shibboleth data manipulation API
2005-05-18 mindforgeFix for bug 3253.
2005-05-18 ethem*** empty log message ***
2005-05-18 thepurpleblobIncorrect variable name used for parameter.
2005-05-18 urs_hunklerremove old files
2005-05-18 bobopinnaAICC HACP communication script
2005-05-18 ethemNew strings from Ethem Evlice for block_rss_client...
2005-05-18 bobopinnaUpdated to Moodle 1.5 alpha by Andrea Bicciolo
2005-05-18 ethemNew strings from Ethem Evlice for block_glossary_random...
2005-05-18 exe-cutorAdded a file check for the Shibboleth data manipulation API
2005-05-18 exe-cutorRemoved the warning about locking use profile fields...
2005-05-18 martinlanghoffolson_simple_rule_parser() now adds a reset rule to...
2005-05-18 martignoniNew string 'emptysubmission'
2005-05-18 martignoniNew string 'preventlate'
2005-05-18 martignoniAdding "Actions" (plural).
2005-05-18 martignoniTemporary fix to bug 3140
2005-05-18 bobopinnaStarting scorm 1.3 datamodel definition
2005-05-18 martignoniAdded string for errors in GIFT format
2005-05-18 martignoniLanguage strings and help files moved here from mod...
2005-05-18 martignoniAdded string 'noattemptstoshow' and removing an old one
2005-05-18 mitstranslated some.
2005-05-18 mitstranslated some.
2005-05-18 gustav_deliusSwitched off the verbose feedback and removed some...
2005-05-18 gustav_deliusAvoid break between answer and feedback in multiple...
2005-05-18 moodlerAdded missing string
2005-05-18 moodlerOld file not checked in
2005-05-18 moodlerUndoing PJs change - sorry. HTML tags were being comple...
2005-05-18 defacerThe particulars for the Manage Feeds page finalized...
2005-05-18 defacerNew yummy styles for the Manage Feeds page. Molto belle.
2005-05-18 defacerAdding "Actions" (plural).
2005-05-17 stronk7Updating changes a bit...
2005-05-17 defacerSwitching feed dislay table to use the new table class.
2005-05-17 stronk7Bump to 1.5 Beta's Day :-)
2005-05-17 mitstranslated some.
2005-05-17 koenrstrings done
2005-05-17 gustav_deliustemporary fix to bug 3140
2005-05-17 gustav_deliusfixed typo in the wiki to markdown upgrade
2005-05-17 mjollnir_Merged from MOODLE_14_STABLE. Merging in my last unmerg...
2005-05-17 martignoniSorting and cleanup
2005-05-17 martignoniRewording
2005-05-17 martignoniA proper dropdown for search subcontexts option
2005-05-17 martignoniAdds support for searching subcontexts -- Discussed...
2005-05-17 martignoniJavascript messages for Copy to Clipboard in show.php
2005-05-17 urs_hunklerI optimized some header spacing.
2005-05-17 urs_hunklerI had hidden the course summary. Now it is shown again.
2005-05-17 urs_hunklerI moved the images into the pix folder.
2005-05-17 urs_hunklerI reworked the theme. Now it takes standard/layout...
2005-05-17 moodlerThe Online assignment now self-upgrades and tries to...
2005-05-17 moodlerFixed some upgrading bugs
2005-05-17 moodlerVery quick fix to remove notices (but loses some colors)
2005-05-17 moodlerTweaking display :-?
2005-05-17 koenralready some of the new quiz-strings
2005-05-17 koenrsmall improvement
2005-05-17 defacerThe bug 2822 saga concludes.
2005-05-17 defacerFix for bug 2822: unwanted table spacing in calendar...
2005-05-17 ethemNew strings for Meta courses.
2005-05-17 havrannew strings and some changes
2005-05-17 moodlerSlight rewording ;-)
2005-05-17 thepurpleblobNow correctly handles changes in database format of...
2005-05-17 ethemNew strings from Ethem Evlice (ethem AT evlice DOT...
2005-05-17 moodlerFixed strings
2005-05-17 moodlerFIxed a string
2005-05-17 moodlerFixing all RSS client strings in all languages
2005-05-17 defacerFix for bug 2635:
2005-05-17 dhawesupdated strings to match guidelines - removed underscor...