2003-12-11 moodlerCleaned up this form a little to make it more consistent
2003-12-10 martignoniUpdate to last mods of 'en' language
2003-12-10 martignoniUpdate to the last mods of 'en' language
2003-12-10 martignoniUpdate to the last changes of 'en' language
2003-12-10 kaipeThe Quizzes page is given an "Edit questions" button...
2003-12-10 stronk7Start the cron integration task for scheduled backups...
2003-12-10 moodlerA little spacing on the display
2003-12-10 moodlerHope you don't mind, Will, but I had to do some cleanin...
2003-12-10 moodlerSimplification of the comments page and more forum...
2003-12-10 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-10 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-10 stigbjarneMinor changes
2003-12-10 moodlerFIxed size of comment icon
2003-12-10 moodlerWhoops left a typo
2003-12-10 moodlerChanged some font size
2003-12-10 moodlerFIxed up quotes (double -> single) and some ommissions
2003-12-10 moodlerFixed some enrol -> enroll
2003-12-10 moodlerSome English fixes
2003-12-10 moodlerSome cleanups in the English
2003-12-10 martignoniFixing missing quotes
2003-12-10 moodlerClean up
2003-12-10 martignoniAdded feminine form e.g. for "Modifier un(e)"
2003-12-10 moodlerSome cleanup of English version
2003-12-10 martignoniAdded feminine form for e.g. "ajouté un(e)"
2003-12-10 martignoniChange "texte pur" to better "texte" everywhere
2003-12-09 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-12-09 stronk7Included (TODO) a new feature to select manually the...
2003-12-09 andre_blnnew version german translation
2003-12-09 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-09 moodlerFixed bug 812 about editing text files with backslashes...
2003-12-09 moodlerFixed up some ommissions about database structure
2003-12-09 moodlerNew defaults for popup window settings, which is window...
2003-12-09 moodlerNew strings for resource setting screen
2003-12-09 moodlerFix to allow quiz import to deal with Macintosh OS...
2003-12-08 stronk7Creation of needed DB structures (prefix_backup_courses and
2003-12-08 stronk7Included the 'firstdayofweek' entry to show week days...
2003-12-08 moodlerLarger steps on minutes when printing times - see...
2003-12-08 stigbjarneMinor changes
2003-12-08 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-08 stigbjarneImproved and extended
2003-12-08 moodlerUse filemtime instead of filectime
2003-12-08 moodlerUse filemtime not filectime
2003-12-08 moodlerBumping it
2003-12-08 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-08 moodlerFixing a typo I spotted in the CVS diffs. :-)
2003-12-08 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-08 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-08 rkingdonFixed bug #863.
2003-12-08 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-08 moodlerConverted to new format using 'single quotes'
2003-12-08 moodlerTurn off time limits on all upgrades
2003-12-07 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-07 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-07 moodlerFixed up some examples
2003-12-07 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-07 koenrfilling in missing string
2003-12-07 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-07 koenrfilling in missing links
2003-12-07 moodlerNew, smaller comment icon
2003-12-06 koenrmissing closing tag </blockquote>
2003-12-06 moodlerFix for image display - see Bug 695 Thanks, Gustav
2003-12-06 moodlerAdd a check for GD library
2003-12-06 moodlerA little script to quickly check compatibility on servers.
2003-12-05 rkingdonAdded the setting of League Table options to the Admini...
2003-12-05 rkingdonMinor change to League table options.
2003-12-05 stigbjarneMinor changes
2003-12-05 stigbjarneFixed error
2003-12-05 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-05 moodlerFixes for POP3 and TLS (new option)
2003-12-05 moodlerSlight change to make packaging easier on Debian. :-)
2003-12-04 rkingdonMinor change to student listing in index.php.
2003-12-04 rkingdonCorrection to Final Grades.
2003-12-04 giro123*** empty log message ***
2003-12-04 stigbjarneNew file
2003-12-03 koenrcorrected little html-error
2003-12-03 koenrtranslated by koen roggemans
2003-12-03 koenrfilling in missing links
2003-12-03 koenrfilling in missing strings
2003-12-03 willcast- First step towards Tom Murdock's suggestions on a...
2003-12-03 rkingdonTidy up return of grades in exercise_grades routine.
2003-12-03 julmisImprovement to table editing. If table border is set...
2003-12-03 moodlerLatest version from Jean-François Nadeau
2003-12-03 koenrupdating links
2003-12-03 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-03 koenrfilling in missing strings
2003-12-03 moodlerFIxed names for names
2003-12-03 moodlerFixed up names for names
2003-12-02 willcast- Bringing order to chaos (thanks Martin)
2003-12-02 paca70Initial version for postgresql.
2003-12-02 moodlerUndoing that last checkin while I examine the consequen...
2003-12-02 paca70To fix postgresql 7.4 default values.
2003-12-02 moodlerAdd credits for Snoopy
2003-12-02 willcast- Missing a $firstname $lastname... :( Changed to...
2003-12-02 willcast- Some fixes when deleting entries and glossaries.
2003-12-02 moodlerTake post_max_size into account when calculating maximu...
2003-12-02 moodlerFIxed missing quotes
2003-12-01 koenrfilling in missing strings
2003-12-01 paca70Now backuptables gets created. (Still untested)
2003-12-01 koenrinitial translation
2003-12-01 paca70To fix postgres column renaming.