2004-03-13 moodlerSlightly sharper edges on the small logo
2004-03-13 moodlerWHen showing just course categories, then the title...
2004-03-13 julmisSections, create folder and fileupload enabled also...
2004-03-12 martignoniEnd of translation of Module lesson
2004-03-12 rkingdonMissing string added.
2004-03-12 moodlerUpdated help file for shortanswers explaining the wildcards
2004-03-12 rkingdonCouple of small changes.
2004-03-12 rkingdonMissing help file added.
2004-03-12 rkingdonAdditional String, couple of minor changes.
2004-03-12 rkingdonFixed Bug 1132.
2004-03-12 rkingdonFixed Bug #1083.
2004-03-12 rkingdonFixed Bugs #1059 and #1061.
2004-03-12 rkingdonFixed Bug 1060: Error inserting second entry from the...
2004-03-12 moodlerGet coursemodule so the groups checking works correctly
2004-03-12 moodlerIn shortanswers you can now use \* (ie slash asterisk...
2004-03-12 moodlerLatest ADOdb version (thanks Eloy)
2004-03-12 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2004-03-12 stronk7After executing all my test courses, now everything...
2004-03-12 martignoniInitial bit of translation
2004-03-12 moodlerMore details
2004-03-12 moodlerChanged default value for DB persistence
2004-03-12 moodlerMake sure forcelogin is applied to forums at site level
2004-03-11 stronk7Undo one line inserted by error in my previous commit
2004-03-11 stronk7Fixed some wrong call to pclzip.lib.php. See:
2004-03-11 mitsTranslated some.
2004-03-11 martignoniMore help files translated
2004-03-11 martignoniComplete translation
2004-03-11 selliottFixed to hide hidden activities from normal users and...
2004-03-11 moodlerY not?
2004-03-11 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2004-03-11 julmisSome fixes of students dialog's placement on the screen
2004-03-11 stronk7Bump. To be in sync with Moodle.
2004-03-11 koenrfilling in missing strings
2004-03-11 moodlerSo I don't forget
2004-03-11 moodlerBump
2004-03-11 moodlerAdded an option on the filters page to control whether...
2004-03-10 ralf-bonnNeue Felder eingearbeitet und Verbesserungen
2004-03-10 koenrchanged filter to search
2004-03-10 stronk7Solved bug 1123 and two more bugs when restoring
2004-03-10 stronk7Detected 2 bugs when restoring users and scales about
2004-03-10 stronk7Now user_files are restored if the user existed previou...
2004-03-10 villatePortuguese translation of the original of Dec 30, 2003
2004-03-10 villatePortuguese translation of the original from Oct 31...
2004-03-10 villatePortuguese translation of the original from Oct 6,...
2004-03-10 villateInitial Portuguese translation.
2004-03-10 villateFirst translation into Portuguese
2004-03-10 villateUpdated the date.
2004-03-10 villateUpdates for 1.2
2004-03-10 moodlerWhen unenrolling a student from ALL courses, delete...
2004-03-10 villateUpgrades for 1.2
2004-03-10 moodlerHide hidden activities from students on Recent Activity...
2004-03-10 moodlerAvoiding the use of the word "filter" on the Recent...
2004-03-10 moodlerFIxing year on Copyright
2004-03-10 villateUses "lingua" instead of "idioma"
2004-03-10 moodlerAdjusted date
2004-03-10 moodlerTweaks to dates etc
2004-03-10 moodlerFixed some copyrights
2004-03-10 moodlerFixed some years
2004-03-10 villateUpdates for 1.2
2004-03-10 villateProofreading by FEUP colleagues.
2004-03-10 villateContributions by Manuel Padilha.
2004-03-10 villateContributions by Guida Querido and some typos corrected.
2004-03-10 moodlerIf $CFG->loglifetime is active then use it make the...
2004-03-10 moodlerFormat intro on attempts as well.
2004-03-10 moodlerProperly format Quiz text (filters etc)
2004-03-10 stronk7Take out the "working on it" string when restoring...
2004-03-10 moodlerLatest versions from
2004-03-10 moodlerMake sure $CFG->debug is defined before using it
2004-03-10 moodlerRemoving a notice
2004-03-10 moodlerInclude now uses absolute path, not relative. Solved...
2004-03-10 moodlerMore rubustness
2004-03-10 moodlerNew dependency
2004-03-10 moodlerUse break_up_long_words
2004-03-10 moodlerNew generic function to break up long words
2004-03-10 koenrmissing strings (the last ones for 1.2??)
2004-03-09 anvergaraempty files removed
2004-03-09 stronk7Now, in SEPARATE groups courses, a user cannot access...
2004-03-09 stronk7Added the group icon to cordoroyblue theme.
2004-03-09 selliottAdded logic to allow confirmation of unconfirmed users.
2004-03-09 selliottAdded user confirmation language.
2004-03-09 selliottAdded some user confirmation language.
2004-03-09 selliottModified function get_users_listing to:
2004-03-09 stronk7Leeson icon for cordoroyblue
2004-03-09 moodlerLots of error checking now on most database functions...
2004-03-09 moodlerFixed a little bug when glossary filter called from...
2004-03-09 moodlerDon't enter loop with no data ... bug 1053
2004-03-09 moodlerUse DISTINCT instead of GROUP BY in get_site_users
2004-03-09 moodlerFix for PostgreSQL and user searching Thanks Ulrik...
2004-03-09 moodlerDon't check the login for the site-level course
2004-03-09 moodlerNo doubling up on get_site_users() bug 1110
2004-03-09 stronk7Bump... :-)
2004-03-09 stronk7When restoring to existing course, the list of
2004-03-09 bobopinnaUpdated to Moodle 1.2 Beta +
2004-03-09 bobopinnaUpdate to 1.2 Beta + release
2004-03-09 moodlerPOssible fix for bug 1109
2004-03-09 moodlerRemoving the random assignation button for now ......
2004-03-09 moodlerFilter text files as well
2004-03-09 moodlerReverting previous fix, since it's now done across...
2004-03-09 moodlerIf the uploaded file is HTML, then put it through the...
2004-03-09 moodlerFix for bug 1106