2002-11-02 moodlerChanges from Fabricio Valadares
2002-11-01 moodlerUpdates from Claudio
2002-11-01 moodlerNew guest language is same as site
2002-10-31 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-30 paca70Initial Finnish translation
2002-10-30 moodlerUpdated name of thislanguage
2002-10-30 moodlerUpdated version a little
2002-10-30 moodlerA very early Arabic translation
2002-10-30 moodlerSpanish translation (Mexican flavour) from Gilberto...
2002-10-29 moodlerChecking in CHanges to be part of a 1.0.6 rebuild to...
2002-10-29 moodlerOn second thoughts, don't apply locale to numbers becau...
2002-10-29 moodlerUse the locale to set everything (eg string conversions...
2002-10-29 moodlerFixed links back to top
2002-10-29 moodleradded documentation
2002-10-29 moodlerImprovements to documentation formatting, content etc
2002-10-29 moodlerAdded session.auto_start (off) ... having it turned...
2002-10-29 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-29 moodlerAdded short_open_tag
2002-10-29 moodlerRemoved UPGRADING.txt (replaced by doc/upgrade.html...
2002-10-29 moodlerNew upgrading page (replaces the old UPGRADING.txt)
2002-10-28 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-28 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-28 moodlerShow date in red if assignment date has passed
2002-10-28 moodlerUse translated strings for all upload feedback
2002-10-28 moodlerAdded some new strings
2002-10-28 moodlerFixed "uploaded assignment" (uploadsuccess) string
2002-10-27 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-27 moodlerTypo (Survey mentioned twice)
2002-10-26 moodlerMissing a bracket )
2002-10-26 moodlerI mean it!! This is 1.0.6!!!!
2002-10-26 moodlerFixed small bug that was displaying fractions with...
2002-10-26 moodlerOK, this is 1.0.6
2002-10-26 moodlerOne more thing - I' moved the RELEASE.html into the...
2002-10-26 moodlerMoving ../RELEASE.html to here
2002-10-26 moodlerTIME TO CUT THE CORD, GENTLEMEN. THIS IS 1.0.6. v1.0.6
2002-10-26 moodlerFixed minor bug after creating default category.
2002-10-26 moodlerUpdated version numbers in preparation for 1.0.6 release
2002-10-26 moodlerBetter formatting for the link
2002-10-26 moodlerOK, this should be better ...
2002-10-26 moodlerA first try at a new shortening algorithm ... checking...
2002-10-26 moodlerChanged type of to TEXT (255...
2002-10-26 moodlerAdded some commented-out code that MIGHT help people...
2002-10-25 moodlerAdded quiz max grade in column title, for reference
2002-10-25 moodlerAdded TARGET=_blank to links in HTML email ... apparent...
2002-10-25 moodlerRemove "news" and "social" forums from learning forums.
2002-10-25 moodlerAbout time
2002-10-25 moodlerBrand-new news and social forums are now also assigned...
2002-10-25 moodlerUgh type in string module name
2002-10-25 moodlerUpgrading all news and social forums (except those...
2002-10-25 moodlerMaking it clear not to overwrite old files
2002-10-25 moodlerAdded translation for Attempt quiz now
2002-10-25 moodlerSlight change to configlocale ... added examples
2002-10-25 moodlerDisallow people posting in forums where they arent...
2002-10-25 moodlerTweaks
2002-10-25 moodlerTweaks to mail formats so that unnecessary information...
2002-10-25 moodlerTweaks to forum formatting
2002-10-25 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-25 moodlerLatest updates from Fabricio
2002-10-25 moodlerWeekdays are now calculated using userdate, so that
2002-10-25 moodlerChanges to improve usability when the admin folder...
2002-10-24 moodlerAll the variables were missing!
2002-10-24 moodlerFix for category box display on IE
2002-10-24 moodlerThe BR in print_post was to fix the case when embedded...
2002-10-24 moodlernever upgraded choice tables to six choices!
2002-10-24 moodlerUpdated with some new features
2002-10-24 moodlerAdded a new debugging command so that I can see the...
2002-10-23 moodlermore readable
2002-10-23 moodlerRearranged to alphabetical order
2002-10-23 moodlerForgot to mention the new LDAP functions! My deep...
2002-10-23 moodlerWHoops ... just undoing the last checkin which was...
2002-10-23 moodlerMail now contains Moodle version
2002-10-23 moodlerAfter saving new question, sanity checks are made to...
2002-10-23 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-23 moodlerChanged name of upgrade_moodle function to main_upgrade...
2002-10-23 moodlerLatest version of Italian from Davide Suraci.
2002-10-22 moodlercvs update -dP
2002-10-22 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-22 moodlerUpdated information for 1.0.6 Beta 1
2002-10-22 moodlerMore concise feedback on grading, and more efficiency...
2002-10-22 moodlerAdded help pages to quiz module.
2002-10-22 moodlernew function print_heading_with_help() to print a headi...
2002-10-22 moodlerDisplay tweaks to table of attempts
2002-10-22 moodlerTeacher can now regrade (recalculate grades) of all...
2002-10-22 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-10-22 moodlerTeacher can now view student attempts
2002-10-22 moodlerGerman should be Deutsche
2002-10-22 moodlerFixed name/date variables (don't translate variables!)
2002-10-22 moodlerRemoved unnecessary mentions of sel@ction
2002-10-21 moodlerCan now delete questions. It checks that the question...
2002-10-21 moodlerAdded log_display entries for quiz
2002-10-21 moodlerDisplay tweaks
2002-10-21 moodlerRound $bestgrade when storing it to avoid insert_record...
2002-10-21 moodlerPrint intro as HTML
2002-10-21 moodlerBugfix on calculating correct answers for multichoice...
2002-10-21 moodlerSome error checking
2002-10-21 moodlerConvert intro text to HTML
2002-10-21 moodlerAdded some more allowed HTML tags
2002-10-21 moodlerAllow teachers to look at ratings for anyone
2002-10-21 moodlerFixed up rating retrieval ... now gets them all seperate
2002-10-21 moodlerFix in forum_grades