2004-01-02 les_kopariInitial.
2004-01-02 les_kopariInitial add.
2004-01-02 moodlerAdded an error message to catch some cases of sessions...
2004-01-02 villateIt now uses "backup" for the name of the backup files.
2004-01-01 les_kopariInitial add...separate .xml file for each table.
2004-01-01 les_kopariInitial add...just the first two tables, config and...
2004-01-01 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2004-01-01 koenrfilling in missing strings
2004-01-01 kaipeAs this page uses the multianswer import format, the...
2004-01-01 kaipeShort-answer fixes:
2004-01-01 kaipeFixed bug that could cause duplication of attempt numbers.
2004-01-01 moodlerOn group images use description in the title ...
2004-01-01 moodlerStrings for new setting
2004-01-01 moodlerNew setting makes it optional to show column of people...
2004-01-01 moodlerNew strings for forum settings (allow students to view...
2004-01-01 moodlerNew option to allow students to see aggregate ratings...
2003-12-31 kaipeFixed a single/double quote issue (again)
2003-12-31 moodlerShapes not shape
2003-12-31 moodlerTemporary sorting order on group members
2003-12-31 moodlerDisplay group icon in forum is a group is defined
2003-12-31 moodlerChanges to improve group images
2003-12-31 moodlerSome improvements when displaying PNGs
2003-12-31 martignoniTweeking again (still needs work!)
2003-12-31 moodlerSmall fixes
2003-12-31 moodlerSome re-wording of English backup strings
2003-12-31 moodlerDon't try to display forums if there aren't any
2003-12-30 martignoniMore translation
2003-12-30 moodlerFix when storing group memberships in USER session
2003-12-30 martignoniSmall modifications
2003-12-30 moodlerFix up group icon display in certain situations
2003-12-30 moodlerImprovements to timekeeping etc
2003-12-30 moodlerFixed up references to old tables names
2003-12-30 moodlerSlight fix for MySQL 4
2003-12-30 moodlerFix reference to new table name
2003-12-30 moodlerNeed to change table name! It was tougher than I thoug...
2003-12-30 moodlerNew strings for groups
2003-12-30 moodlerSome help files
2003-12-30 moodlerThis is the first check-in of support for groups.
2003-12-30 martignoniSome tweeks again
2003-12-30 moodlerFixed some single/double quote issues
2003-12-30 moodlerBodgy HTML converted to nice clean XHTML fragments.
2003-12-30 moodlerImproved navigation info in header
2003-12-30 moodlerBig cleanup for logic in handling uploaded files, now...
2003-12-30 moodlerChange default value for backup_sche_keep to be one...
2003-12-29 stronk7A new parameter (backup_sche_keep) is included. Oldest...
2003-12-29 stronk7Included some strings about the "Keep Backup Files...
2003-12-29 stronk7Little change in the form that duplicated course shortn...
2003-12-29 stronk7Changed to use clean_filename() function when calculating
2003-12-29 martignoniMore translations
2003-12-29 gniskeAdding missing strings
2003-12-29 martignoniSome more tweeks
2003-12-29 martignoniSome tweaks and typos corrected
2003-12-29 martignoniUpdate to last version, with some modifications
2003-12-29 moodlerSome preliminary code to allow wildcards in short answers.
2003-12-29 moodlerBetter info about quizzes
2003-12-29 moodlerEdit button on quiz reports
2003-12-28 stronk7Solve more bugs in set_field("backup_courses"... calls.
2003-12-28 moodlerAdded two new styles for smallinfo displays on the...
2003-12-28 moodlerAdded new styles for latest news listings smallinfo...
2003-12-27 martignoniTranslation complete
2003-12-27 martignoniA little bit more translated
2003-12-27 koenrfilling in missing strings
2003-12-27 koenrAdapting translation to users fro Holland
2003-12-27 moodlerNew group icon
2003-12-27 moodlerAdd the site's shortname to the email subject
2003-12-27 moodlerFIxed a small bug when updating the next time
2003-12-27 moodlerAdded a missing string
2003-12-26 martignoniBeginning of translation of folder Workshop
2003-12-26 martignoniTypos corrected
2003-12-26 martignoniSurvey folder translation complete
2003-12-26 trobb Null data caused errors so placed an IF state...
2003-12-24 les_kopariInserts for MySQL and PostGRES.
2003-12-24 les_kopariInitial add.
2003-12-24 rkingdonFixes to restore.
2003-12-24 rkingdonModified help files for late submissions and reduction...
2003-12-24 rkingdonNew strings for the handling of late submissions.
2003-12-24 rkingdonA new version (2003121000). Fixes to backup/restore...
2003-12-24 rkingdonOne string for open dialogue list.
2003-12-24 rkingdonBugs fixed in backup and restore. Dialogue now notifies...
2003-12-24 stronk7Now admin/configuration/backup strings are included.
2003-12-24 stronk7Now admin/configuration/backup strings are included.
2003-12-24 martignoniUpdate to new roadmap
2003-12-24 moodlerUpdated
2003-12-23 martignoniTypo corrected
2003-12-23 martignoniTypos corrected
2003-12-23 martignoniHelp folder translation complete
2003-12-23 koenrmodifications by evelien roos
2003-12-23 trobb Possible division by 0 fixed with if branch...
2003-12-23 moodlerAsk for email address again to help avoid typos
2003-12-23 koenrnecessary for styles
2003-12-23 koenrupdated css-file location
2003-12-23 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-22 andersbeAll the strings in the php-files and all the help-files...
2003-12-22 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-22 koenrinitial translation
2003-12-22 koenrminor changes in translation
2003-12-22 koenrminor changes in translation
2003-12-22 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-22 koenrtranslated by Koen Roggemans
2003-12-22 moodlerLatest version from Paul Shew