2004-08-05 moodlerRSS for forums now checks the new posts against the...
2004-08-05 moodlerUse mtrace function for debugging
2004-08-05 moodlerAdded mtrace function for printing information to stand...
2004-08-05 moodlerAdded some better tracing .... makes it easier to debug...
2004-08-05 martignoniAdded 'file'
2004-08-05 martignoniSmall correction
2004-08-05 moodlerAdded "File"
2004-08-05 moodlerFIxed translation of "Browse"
2004-08-05 martignoniSmall typo
2004-08-05 martignoniImprovements
2004-08-05 martignoniNew strings for dataset definitions
2004-08-05 moodlerRemoving some upgrade stuff ... not sure what I was...
2004-08-05 kaipeNew page quiz/questiontypes/datasetdependent/categoryda...
2004-08-05 moodlerDefault calendar to 21 days
2004-08-05 moodlerOops forgot autofocussing
2004-08-05 moodlerStudent manual enrolment now allows enter to submit...
2004-08-05 moodlerNew interfaces for managing creators and admins
2004-08-05 flipmanNew
2004-08-05 moodlerNo checking is now done on question name and question...
2004-08-05 moodlerRemoved a notice
2004-08-05 mitsDone!
2004-08-05 mitsPolished.
2004-08-05 moodlerSlight improvement
2004-08-05 moodlerUpdated the Summary help
2004-08-05 mitsPolish and New translation.
2004-08-04 kaipeTook care of some issues concerning the use of
2004-08-04 julmisMove use_html_editor() outside of <form> area.
2004-08-04 stronk7Updated to 1.4, 1.5 and 2.0
2004-08-04 moodlerFixing Bug 812 and problems with slashes when editing...
2004-08-04 kaipeUpdates that make it possible to override the options...
2004-08-04 moodlerFIxed some defaults and notices
2004-08-04 moodlerFixed some notices.
2004-08-04 moodlerFixed detection of no groups as per bug 1692 - thanks...
2004-08-04 moodlerFIxed link after file not found error
2004-08-04 moodlerFIxed some notices
2004-08-04 martignoniSlight modification for shorter activity name (survey...
2004-08-04 moodlerFixed up HTML editor
2004-08-04 martignoniForgotten file ;-)
2004-08-04 moodlerFixed some notices
2004-08-04 moodlerAdding icon for calculated questions
2004-08-04 moodlerFixed some warnings
2004-08-04 moodlerFixed a notice when $USER->id not defined
2004-08-04 moodlerAdd link to "all courses" for admins etc
2004-08-04 moodlerForum mail older than two days is never sent out.
2004-08-03 mitsPolish and New translation.
2004-08-03 stronk7Latest changes...
2004-08-03 mitsNew translated file added.
2004-08-03 martignoniUpdated view of the future
2004-08-03 stronk7TODO updated.
2004-08-03 moodlerA little more. :-)
2004-08-03 moodlerPhew, that old one was really out of date.
2004-08-03 martignoniAdd version number
2004-08-03 martignoniChanges and additions to cope with the new resource...
2004-08-03 moodlerBump!
2004-08-03 moodlerAllow for course language terms
2004-08-03 moodlerFirst pass at an improved interface for manual student...
2004-08-03 kaipeDEBUGGED
2004-08-03 moodlerRestricted teachers shouldn't even see this page
2004-08-03 moodlerFixed a bug caused by new logs stuff.
2004-08-03 gustav_deliuspostgres should use INT8 only for very large integers...
2004-08-03 martignoniSingle more concise string for login error notification...
2004-08-03 martignoniTypo corrected
2004-08-03 martignoniFixed links
2004-08-03 martignoniUpdated info about Markdown format in the general help...
2004-08-03 defacerFix a couple of notices that I just... noticed :-)
2004-08-03 martignoniReplaced 'texte wiki' with 'genre wiki'
2004-08-03 martignoniNew help file for enrolment period
2004-08-03 martignoniNew strings for FirstClass auth
2004-08-03 moodlerSingle more concise string for login error notification...
2004-08-03 gustav_deliusresource module requires recent version
2004-08-03 mitstranslated one.
2004-08-03 mitstranslated some.
2004-08-03 moodlerFIxed link
2004-08-03 moodler== was not working I think, but === definitely does
2004-08-03 moodlerMarkdown manual
2004-08-03 moodlerUpdated info about Markdown format in the general help...
2004-08-03 moodlerhelps wiki find global course
2004-08-03 moodlerEmail function now returns an "emailstop" error if...
2004-08-03 moodlerForum mail now logs differently if mail was just blocke...
2004-08-03 moodlerAdded links to Languages forum and mail addresses
2004-08-02 stronk7TEMPLATE format for glossaries. It is self-documented...
2004-08-02 stronk7Some changes to the formats plugin detection function
2004-08-02 stronk7Reload current glossary format from DB, because
2004-08-02 martignoniNew file added
2004-08-02 moodlerThe resource types are now always displayed in a standa...
2004-08-02 moodlerFixed link of user name in footer of course page
2004-08-02 moodlerFixes to helpbuttons and popups
2004-08-02 moodlerFixed some lowercased variables
2004-08-02 moodlerNew strings
2004-08-02 moodlerTRANSLATORS!
2004-08-02 moodlerNew help files for resources
2004-08-02 martignoniTypo corrected
2004-08-02 stronk7Modified pending formats to be more structured. No...
2004-08-02 moodlerAdded support for .mpg .mpeg and .avi files.
2004-08-02 martignoniAdditions to support units for numerical questions,
2004-08-02 moodlerSome tidy ups in mail formatting
2004-08-02 mitsPolish, New translation, Add a new file.
2004-08-02 moodlerSimpler method of working out when to send digests
2004-08-01 kaipeAdded support for some PHP style mathematical functions...
2004-08-01 mitsPolished