2002-12-07 moodlerget rid of short_open_tags
2002-12-07 moodlerSome info about forcetables
2002-12-07 moodlerUpdated the dox
2002-12-07 moodlerGeneral purpose function to produce a class based on...
2002-12-07 moodlerAdded php mime type
2002-12-07 moodlerRemoved the "zero" value altogether
2002-12-07 moodlerBetter checking of existing value, in case it's not...
2002-12-06 moodlerMore changes from Mits!
2002-12-06 moodlerFixed up CVS Id tag
2002-12-06 moodlerWrapper file to make moodlelib.php functions accessible...
2002-12-05 moodlerFirst version of Japanese translation by Mitsuhiro...
2002-12-02 moodlerImproved removal of leading zeroes, but with some effic...
2002-12-02 moodlerSlight change to get rid of leading zeroes in dates
2002-12-02 moodlerThese includes are actually required
2002-11-30 moodlerUpgraded ADOdb to 2.50 because it fixes some bugs with...
2002-11-30 moodlerIMS/SCORM
2002-11-30 moodlerRevised
2002-11-29 moodlerNew version of Italian translation - compatible with...
2002-11-29 moodlerSome colour difference for my courses .... I'm not...
2002-11-29 moodlerSome improvements to the layout of courses when there...
2002-11-29 moodlerSlight fix
2002-11-29 moodlerAdded credit for Indonesian - Arfan Hidayat
2002-11-29 moodlerComplete new Indonesian translation!
2002-11-28 moodlerUpdate version
2002-11-28 moodlerWith external authentication, the change password butto...
2002-11-28 moodlerHighlight matches in post subject and discussion name too
2002-11-28 moodlerAdd searching of subjects as well as messages
2002-11-28 moodlerFirst quick version of help on CVS
2002-11-28 moodlerFixed heading
2002-11-28 moodlerUpdates
2002-11-28 moodlerFixes to increase the number of options available to...
2002-11-27 moodlerAdded missing </BODY> and </HTML> tags
2002-11-26 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2002-11-26 moodlerMore info about database user
2002-11-26 moodlerAdditions and clean ups
2002-11-26 moodlerFix display of grades when there aren't any grades
2002-11-26 moodlerFor the case when there are forums using ratings, but...
2002-11-26 moodlerStrip slashes from filenames
2002-11-25 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-11-24 moodlerMore fixes
2002-11-24 moodlerMore tweaks
2002-11-24 moodlerYet more details
2002-11-24 moodlerUpdated versionm, ready for
2002-11-24 moodlerMore tweaks
2002-11-24 moodlerMore fixes
2002-11-24 moodlerMore details
2002-11-22 moodlerNew message about users being automatically unenrolled
2002-11-22 moodlerUpdate for kicks
2002-11-22 moodlerHide password and unenrolment buttons from guest users
2002-11-22 moodlerTidy up some of the dox
2002-11-22 moodlerChanges to allow admin to control the "forgot password...
2002-11-22 compuproggySuche noch Lernwillige und Tutoren für
2002-11-22 compuproggySuche noch Lernwillige und Tutoren für
2002-11-21 paca70Fixed some typos
2002-11-21 moodlerUpdated version
2002-11-21 moodlerMoodle CVS is exactly 1 year old. :-)
2002-11-21 moodlerFor long courses reduce the text printed on x axis
2002-11-21 moodlerReduce errorlevel reporting
2002-11-21 moodlerCOnverted it to DOS format to make it easier for Window...
2002-11-21 moodlerUpdates
2002-11-21 moodlerFixes to allow graphs to be translated
2002-11-21 moodlerAllow admin user to always get in, no matter what the...
2002-11-21 paca70New files for translation
2002-11-21 moodlerNo longer need the getuserinfo parameter
2002-11-21 moodlerAdded full configuration to LDAP (ie transferrable...
2002-11-21 moodlerBug fix for dbtype menu
2002-11-21 moodlerDaily changes
2002-11-21 moodlerFixed a bug from reusing newsubmission variable
2002-11-21 moodlerError checking on image writes
2002-11-21 moodlerSmall bugfix with uploading new user images
2002-11-21 paca70some updates
2002-11-21 moodlerUpdated version (authentication tweaks)
2002-11-21 moodlerTweaks to authentication system. Database method now...
2002-11-21 moodlerSlight improvements to file security (scan for more...
2002-11-20 moodlerFixed background colours of recent activity and news
2002-11-20 moodlerUpdate version slightly
2002-11-20 moodlerForgot a comma
2002-11-20 moodlerAdded guestloginbutton as default
2002-11-20 moodlerMake sure guestloginbutton is set to 1 as a default
2002-11-20 moodlerNew string for general form errors
2002-11-20 moodlerUser pictures no longer are links on main view page
2002-11-20 moodlerMade the user profile a little more robust.
2002-11-20 moodlerEr.. aligned center works better ;-)
2002-11-20 moodlerFixed alignment on category boxes in some circumstances
2002-11-19 moodlerSpacing
2002-11-19 moodlerNew version before release
2002-11-19 moodlerNew features and fixes
2002-11-19 moodlerNew files (not translated yet)
2002-11-19 moodlerChecking in new updates from Fabricio
2002-11-19 moodlerDaily changes
2002-11-19 moodlerChanged it to DOS format to help Windows users
2002-11-19 moodlerChanged all references of %e to %d to fix strftime...
2002-11-19 moodlerAdded Authentication to admin_links
2002-11-19 moodlerMore fixes
2002-11-19 moodlerFixed some strings
2002-11-19 moodlerA significant new system for authentication configurati...
2002-11-18 moodlerSmall change to allow the same user (by email) be delet...
2002-11-18 compuproggyAn alle English-Deutsch Übersetzer, wer hilf mit? -
2002-11-18 compuproggy*** empty log message ***