2002-06-12 martinImprovements to logs for admin user (can view any course)
2002-06-11 martinOK, this is better (sigh)
2002-06-11 martinTweaks to course format (search box)
2002-06-11 martinNew highlight function for searches etc
2002-06-11 martinNew "highlight" class (eg for search results)
2002-06-11 martinAdded search form
2002-06-11 martingrr
2002-06-11 martinTiny fix so that when today is specified, it's selected...
2002-06-11 martinFixes to usergetdate() ... looks OK now.
2002-06-11 martinFomat tweaking
2002-06-11 martinRemoved bodgy forums link - it's not necessary
2002-06-10 martinNew usergetmidnight function and use in finding today...
2002-06-10 martinAdded generic "your teacher" when there is no teacher...
2002-06-10 martinTweaking layout
2002-06-10 martinMore tweaks and simplification when possible
2002-06-10 martinTweak: added courses link back in ... because courses...
2002-06-10 martinAdded course->timecreated
2002-06-10 martinMake sure new courses set the timecreated field
2002-06-10 martinFixed formatting.
2002-06-10 martinCourse entry key is now called an enrolment key
2002-06-10 martinChanges
2002-06-10 martinFixes related to user timezones. All times are now...
2002-06-10 martinFixes to functions relating to user timezones
2002-06-10 martinDisplay tweaks
2002-06-10 martinMore tweaks for admin view
2002-06-10 martinChanges to allow choice of format on home page of site
2002-06-10 martinLayout tweak
2002-06-10 martinBetter handling of guest user
2002-06-10 martinMoved creation of guest user to login page - this means...
2002-06-10 martinAll users are viewable in the "site" course.
2002-06-10 martinTweaking formatting
2002-06-10 martinImproved formatting for consistency and clarity
2002-06-09 martinLittle more documentation about guest account
2002-06-09 martinChanges to support guest user across any course (guest...
2002-06-09 martinThis file was here by mistake
2002-06-08 martinChanges to put update/edit icons in the headers of...
2002-06-08 martinChanges so that an icon can be displayed in the header
2002-06-08 martinPut backquotes around some field names to avoid errors
2002-06-07 martinAdded Moodle version number
2002-06-07 martinMore tweaking of the mail formatting
2002-06-07 martinCH CH CH CH Changes.
2002-06-06 martinAltered smtphosts and removed cronpassword
2002-06-06 martinIf $CFG->smtphosts is empty, then mailer uses PHP mail...
2002-06-06 martinRemoved password ... it's not necessary any more.
2002-06-06 martinWHoops .... time should be 1800 seconds
2002-06-05 martinRemember to remove subscriptions when unenrolling.
2002-06-05 martinFixes to convert mail to individual mailing ...
2002-06-05 martinSlight interface tweaks
2002-06-05 martinTypo on add_to_log URL
2002-06-05 martinDoesn't display teachers or students if there aren...
2002-06-05 martinChanges to user settings, now it matches the stored...
2002-06-05 martinMoved here from login/countries.php. Function removed.
2002-06-05 martinChanges to use new lib/countries.php
2002-06-05 martinChanges to user table
2002-06-05 martinOld new.php system is replaced by print_recent_activity...
2002-06-05 martinChanges related to timezone display. Datetime display...
2002-06-05 martinChanged formatting (attempting to improve IE display)
2002-06-04 martinErrr this is what I meant
2002-06-04 martinImproved logging slightly
2002-06-04 martinFormatting of teacher links
2002-06-04 martinAdded a message if the student is not a member of the...
2002-06-04 martinWhoops ... don't put unenrol button unless the user...
2002-06-04 martincourse/login.php is now course/enrol.php ...
2002-06-04 martinCleaned up enrol and unenrol process a bit
2002-06-04 martinAdded button to unenrol a user (course/unenrol.php)
2002-06-03 martinNot needed any more ... use the "News" forum instead.
2002-06-02 martinNow uses $course->student as title of list
2002-06-02 martinAdded per-course config and use of a word for "student"
2002-06-02 martinAdded semicolons to keep IE happy
2002-06-02 martinChanged to lowercase to make IE happy
2002-06-01 martinFixed for Internet Explorer?
2002-06-01 martinRemoved check for course format changing
2002-06-01 martinUpdated
2002-06-01 martinAdded a <BR>
2002-06-01 martinModified weekly course format with "People" section...
2002-06-01 martinImprovements to Recent Activity to make it clearer...
2002-06-01 martinErrors while deleting a module are no longer fatal...
2002-06-01 martinFixed buglets in get_records_sql and insert_record
2002-06-01 martinSlight fix to change some mod->course_module to mod...
2002-06-01 martinFixed some display of the logs in "recent activity"
2002-06-01 martinCh-ch-ch-ch-Changes (turn and face the strain) Ch-ch...
2002-06-01 martinAdded lists to allowed html in cleantext
2002-05-31 martinChanged link to a newer and better paper on social...
2002-05-31 martinRemoved log and fixed email call
2002-05-31 martinRemoved some logging
2002-05-31 martinNow looks for module SQL files in mod/db/dbtype.sql
2002-05-31 martinRemoved log entry for now
2002-05-31 martinReplaced by social.php
2002-05-31 martinIndicates only MySQL is supported for now.
2002-05-31 martinNew logging format
2002-05-31 martinChanges to support new logging format
2002-05-31 martinChanges to logging to support new logging format
2002-05-31 martinVarious small changes. Main one was new version of...
2002-05-31 martinRemoved logging from these files (probably temporary)
2002-05-31 martinRemoved "logs" and added new log format: "log" and...
2002-05-31 martinUpdated to use new logging format.
2002-05-31 martinAdded new entries for log_display table. These are...
2002-05-31 martinVarious small fixes across all modules. Most notable...
2002-05-31 martinThis is the new format for database schema. Each modul...
2002-05-31 martinNew icons for courses displayed in weekly format. ...