2002-07-27 martinnew strings
2002-07-27 martinAltered buttons from index and view pages
2002-07-27 martinChanges to improve the user activity reports
2002-07-27 martinFixed up graph pages
2002-07-27 martinImprovements to user activity report - including graphs
2002-07-27 martinFix to account for people not in course
2002-07-27 martinDummy (for now)
2002-07-27 martinImplemented journal feedback notification (mailouts)
2002-07-27 martinBetter error checking in update_record
2002-07-27 martinMuch better cron function method - instead of using...
2002-07-27 martinNew upgrading procedure, uses module functions to handl...
2002-07-27 martinChanges to suit new upgrading procedure (admin/index...
2002-07-26 martinFixed 0 days -> ALways Open
2002-07-25 martinExtra space at end of file :-)
2002-07-25 martinGot rid of the user.php code fragments and implemented...
2002-07-25 martinChanges to how functions are called from modules -...
2002-07-23 martincough
2002-07-23 martintitle tweaking
2002-07-23 martinFormatting outline tweaks
2002-07-23 martinH3 -> H4
2002-07-23 martinCh ch ch
2002-07-23 martinFormatting fixes for ratings
2002-07-23 martinAllow teachers to be marked, and allow ratings to be...
2002-07-23 martinFixes to Activity reports
2002-07-23 martinImprovements to activity reports
2002-07-23 martinPart of "contributions" overhaul in course/user.php
2002-07-21 martinImprovements to the help system
2002-07-20 martinDoesn't display discussions AND forums in the Activities
2002-07-20 martinSlight formatting tweaks (forum index)
2002-07-20 martinChanged listing of forums
2002-07-20 martinadditions
2002-07-19 martinFixed welcome email
2002-07-19 martinFixed formatting of welcome email
2002-07-19 martintypo
2002-07-19 martinAltered blink to make it less annoying
2002-07-19 martinMake 'Edit profile" link blink, as a reminder, if not...
2002-07-19 martinMore language changes
2002-07-14 martinAdded ability for teacher to see subscribers for each...
2002-07-12 martinFormat tweak
2002-07-12 martinSmall language-related changes
2002-07-11 martinChanges related to internationalision strings and print...
2002-07-11 martinConsistent use of get_site() instead of checking course...
2002-07-10 martinAdded search box here
2002-07-10 martinFixed week zooming
2002-07-06 martinDaily changes
2002-07-06 martinGot rid of all pv() functions, now consistently uses...
2002-07-04 martinRemove teacher posts from recent activity (for students)
2002-07-04 martinTo keep track of upgrading info
2002-07-04 martinAdded new teacher forum. TABLE CHANGED: forum
2002-07-04 martinPrevent caching of these forms
2002-07-04 martinTypo in userdate
2002-07-04 martinUse lang if locale not defined
2002-07-04 martinLanguage-related fixes
2002-07-04 martinAdded missing parameter to update_module_icon (courseid)
2002-07-04 martinFix to update_module_icon (to pass the courseid)
2002-07-02 martinFurther internationalisation
2002-07-02 martinSlight changes to userdate() function. It now uses...
2002-07-02 martinSlight changes to documentation
2002-07-02 martinList of all 2-letter language codes (ISO 639)
2002-06-27 martinNew languages system - get_string() in moodlelib.
2002-06-27 martinChanges to the location of help files
2002-06-25 martinMinor formatting tweaks
2002-06-25 martinChanges to display user discussions
2002-06-25 martinCh-Ch-Changes
2002-06-25 martinCh-Ch-Changes
2002-06-25 martinCh ch ch changes
2002-06-25 martinMinor changes
2002-06-25 martinWhoops forgot some more 'week's
2002-06-25 martinMajor changes throughout to change "week" notation...
2002-06-25 martinRenamed from editweek to editsection
2002-06-25 martinRenamed week->section
2002-06-25 martinRenamed allweeks.gif -> all.gif oneweek.gif -> one.gif
2002-06-25 martinNicer formatting of editing modules, takes into account...
2002-06-25 martinDon't show overall graph when no students have complete...
2002-06-25 martinSlight tweaks to survey display after it's been done...
2002-06-25 martinChanges related to new forum type: eachuser and some...
2002-06-25 martinImproved formatting of module links (using a TITLE...
2002-06-25 martinSlight formatting improvement (list module name in...
2002-06-25 martinUpdated icon to make it less like discussions and more...
2002-06-24 martinTypo in add_to_log ... index->view
2002-06-21 martinSlight change when checking for user.
2002-06-21 martinCh ch ch changes
2002-06-20 martinBugfixes from move - this is now up to date
2002-06-20 martinSubscibing to forum, not discuss
2002-06-20 martinMass change related to separating forum from discuss...
2002-06-19 martinModifications to unenrol. Now a teacher can unenrol...
2002-06-19 martinAdded course->marker
2002-06-19 martin"marker" icon used by "topics" course format to mark...
2002-06-19 martinBugfix in crumbs
2002-06-19 martinAdded a "topics" format. it's very similar to the...
2002-06-16 martinChanges to add subscribe/unsubscribe to site News forum
2002-06-16 martinMore accessible log in button up top
2002-06-13 martinUpgraded to ADOdb 2.12
2002-06-13 martinChanges to support GD 1 and GD 2. Well, to be more...
2002-06-12 martinWhoops ... removed Choose...
2002-06-12 martinChanges to course menu
2002-06-12 martinLink to site logs
2002-06-12 martinImprovements to logs for admin user (can view any course)
2002-06-11 martinOK, this is better (sigh)
2002-06-11 martinTweaks to course format (search box)