2004-08-23 moodlerUpdated README
2004-08-23 moodlerOK, let's go beta
2004-08-23 moodlerInfo to help get bug reports
2004-08-23 moodlerFirst draft of latest release information. Good enough...
2004-08-23 moodlerTidying up Howard's wierd indenting. ;-)
2004-08-23 martignoniCorrection in 'strftimerecentfull' date format
2004-08-23 moodlerStraightened up a button
2004-08-23 mitsPolish and New translation.
2004-08-23 moodlerBumping it up a bit ... still writing release notes ...
2004-08-23 defacerPlease deliver me from my own incompetence...
2004-08-23 defacerQuirks-related fixes...
2004-08-23 defacerPreliminary support for browser quirks, for now just...
2004-08-23 defacerMore goodness! Goodness is on discount here in Greece! :P
2004-08-23 moodlerMiscellaneous fixes from the PJ man
2004-08-23 moodlerLowercase formulas before parsing them
2004-08-23 moodlerBetter errors (include question name)
2004-08-23 defacerHere buggy buggy...
2004-08-23 moodlerFixed import of SHORTANSWER questions
2004-08-23 moodlerMissing prefix
2004-08-23 moodlerDon't print empty intros
2004-08-23 moodlerMOre tolerant of empty fields, and fixed heading
2004-08-23 defacerThere's a "parse error" report (
2004-08-23 moodlerRemoved a debugging line
2004-08-23 moodlerFixed a typo
2004-08-23 moodlerAttempt to extract the user from the old author field...
2004-08-23 defacerMaking chatd more eager to update the users' status...
2004-08-23 defacerAttention to detail: this prevents generating a warning...
2004-08-23 moodlerAdded caclulated questions into index
2004-08-23 moodlerDon't lower-case parsed attributes
2004-08-23 moodlerRemoved some comments
2004-08-23 moodlerUsing the "parent" style of linking to the last post...
2004-08-22 julmisFix for Bug #1763
2004-08-22 kaipe*** empty log message ***
2004-08-22 gustav_deliusfixed bug 1252. But this page could do with a lot more...
2004-08-22 koenrfilling in missing strings...
2004-08-22 gustav_deliusfixed phantom question bug #1299
2004-08-22 gustav_deliusadded $CFG->filelifetime to config-dist.php
2004-08-22 martignoniNew string 'enrollfirst'
2004-08-22 martignoniNew strings controlling the new enrolment plugins
2004-08-22 martignoniLittle tweak
2004-08-22 defacerFix for bug 1494:
2004-08-22 defacerFix for bug 1755:
2004-08-22 martignoniAdmin interface for controlling the new enrolment plugins.
2004-08-22 defacerFix for bug 1759:
2004-08-22 defacerFix for bug 1662:
2004-08-22 defacerFix for bug 1678:
2004-08-22 defacerFix for bug 1678:
2004-08-22 moodlerDatabase now stores userid, and page info is now more...
2004-08-22 martignoniNew string 'havetologin'
2004-08-22 martignoniprint notice when guest views chat.
2004-08-22 gustav_deliusAll modules are now suitable for the site page. They...
2004-08-22 julmisFixing Bug #1765 (mystery fix).
2004-08-22 julmisFixing Bug #1765 (mystery fix)
2004-08-22 koenrtypo
2004-08-22 koenradded RSS-stuf
2004-08-22 koenrtypo
2004-08-22 gustav_deliusfixed bug preventing move of module to bottom of section 0
2004-08-22 julmisInsert Image dialog works now also in debug mode.
2004-08-22 papitafirst version by paula
2004-08-22 julmisLarger sizes for dialogs.
2004-08-22 papitaNew files being added
2004-08-21 koenradded RSS-stuf [bug 1714]
2004-08-21 koenrGave indexfile some content
2004-08-21 koenrtypo
2004-08-21 koenrfilling in missing strings...
2004-08-21 koenrforgot to check in
2004-08-21 mitsI almost forgot untranslated sentence.
2004-08-21 mitsinstall.php done. Well... back to docs.
2004-08-21 koenrsmall tweaks form Gustav
2004-08-21 koenrGave indexfile some content
2004-08-21 mitsNew translated file added.
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusfixed breadcrumbs
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusprint notice when guest views chat.
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusfixed breadcrumbs when mod.php is used on site page
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusremoved some notices
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusremoved notice
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusRemoved notices by introducing new function print_heade...
2004-08-21 gustav_deliussmall bug in teacher link due to undefined $site
2004-08-21 mitsPolish, New translation, Add a new file.
2004-08-21 moodlerBump!
2004-08-21 moodlerHere finally is an admin interface for controlling...
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusimproved documentation for wiki types
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusremoved some hard-coded strings and a warning from...
2004-08-21 moodlerFormatting
2004-08-21 julmisFixed paths for aspell setting.
2004-08-21 julmisAdd aspellpath check before printing editor config...
2004-08-21 moodlerAdded some more protocols to the allowed list
2004-08-21 defacerjulmis' last commit contained garbage from a CVS merge...
2004-08-21 moodlerTry to apply sensible file permissions to the new confi...
2004-08-21 martignoniWarning message added (criterion grading with only...
2004-08-21 martignoniSome fixes
2004-08-21 martignoniAdd editor settings feature and Ludo's (Marc Alier...
2004-08-21 julmisWinmerge added weird extra lines?
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusMoved the raw SQL out of here and into the new search_u...
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusSome changes to user database functions:
2004-08-21 mitstranslated some.
2004-08-21 julmisAdd editor settings feature and Ludo's (Marc Alier...
2004-08-21 gustav_deliusfixed the problem that people trying to move blocks...
2004-08-21 moodlerUse the general word "Location" instead of "File name"
2004-08-21 moodlerUse resource_defaulturl when it's blank ... somehow...