2002-12-31 moodlerMore tweaks
2002-12-31 moodlerMore robustness, and some little bug fixes.
2002-12-31 moodlerBetter checks during membership checks
2002-12-30 moodlerLittle robustness fixes
2002-12-30 moodlerFixes to XLS routines that were causing some problems
2002-12-30 moodlerAllow "." and "-" in usernames.
2002-12-30 moodlerIf a user has authenticated via external authentication...
2002-12-30 moodlerAllow STRIKE tag
2002-12-30 moodlerRobustness fixes
2002-12-30 moodlerMore debugging
2002-12-30 moodlerMore little fixups for robustness
2002-12-30 moodlerMany little fixes and cleanups for robustness
2002-12-30 moodlerFixed p() and s() to deal with zero better
2002-12-30 moodlerFix default cursor
2002-12-30 moodlerFixes to insert_record (from Petri) to explicitly use...
2002-12-30 moodlerNew "debug" variable to turn debugging on and off
2002-12-29 moodlerDaily changes
2002-12-29 moodlerVarious little fixes to remove warnings (usually about...
2002-12-29 moodlerIt's now possible to choose a documentation language...
2002-12-29 moodlerNew get_record_select function (for completeness) and...
2002-12-29 moodlerUse session-specified language if possible
2002-12-29 moodlerCleaned up files using new admin/lang.php
2002-12-29 moodlerCleaned up some strings without quotes
2002-12-29 coolbitremove them and wait for new translations
2002-12-29 moodlerClearer info
2002-12-29 moodlerAdding this back again to help brand-new installations...
2002-12-29 moodlerBetter way to include initial intro.html
2002-12-29 moodlerNew function document_file() for fetching documentation...
2002-12-29 moodlerChanges to how documentation works. A thin PHP interfa...
2002-12-29 moodlerAdded document files to English translation
2002-12-29 mitsNew translation added.
2002-12-29 moodlerAccidentally left debugging on
2002-12-29 moodlerMore little fixes
2002-12-29 moodlerSome changes to remove warnings about empty variables...
2002-12-28 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-12-28 moodlerFixes to allow the GD detection to work on PHP 4.3...
2002-12-28 moodlerfixed user --> userid
2002-12-26 moodlerEr, unfinished code while upgrading log_display
2002-12-26 coolbitnew docs
2002-12-26 moodlerAdded "source" mode in richtext editor
2002-12-26 moodlerUse HTML editor for editing HTML files
2002-12-25 ahmed_nabilno message
2002-12-25 set_lospelling error vilkor substituted with villkor
2002-12-25 set_loaction substituted with swedish aktion
2002-12-24 ahmed_nabilno message
2002-12-24 moodlerEr... on the cookies I meant.
2002-12-24 moodlerUse table prefixes on database too :-)
2002-12-24 moodlerUpdates
2002-12-24 moodlerUpdated release notes
2002-12-24 moodlerAdded new "Program" resource type, which allows Moodle...
2002-12-24 moodlerNew documentation for Moodle - new resource type called...
2002-12-24 moodlerNo need for forcetables hack any more. Moodle can...
2002-12-23 moodlerForgot Turkish
2002-12-23 moodlerTweak
2002-12-23 moodlerTweak!
2002-12-23 moodlerMore up-to-date-info
2002-12-23 moodlerMore details ...
2002-12-23 moodlerMore database tweaks and improved access to forum searc...
2002-12-23 coolbitno message
2002-12-23 moodlerClearer directions.
2002-12-23 moodlerThis version installs smoothly for me on PostgreSQL
2002-12-23 moodlerMore database tweaking ... looking pretty good with...
2002-12-23 moodlerMore fixes for postgreSQL etc
2002-12-23 moodlerFixes for log display
2002-12-23 moodlerSlight fixes to headings
2002-12-23 moodlerChanges throughout Moodle to remove any reserved words...
2002-12-23 moodlerFurther SQL cleanups
2002-12-23 mitsModified
2002-12-23 mitsNew translation added.
2002-12-23 moodlerChanges to use new database stuff
2002-12-23 moodlerMore moving functions around and removal of hardcoded SQL
2002-12-22 mitsPolished
2002-12-22 moodlerCHanges for new database table commands
2002-12-22 moodlerNew Swedish translation by Set Lonnert
2002-12-22 moodlerFixed an error in survey.php in all languages ... colle...
2002-12-22 moodlerMore little fixups for week 0
2002-12-22 moodlerChanges to get a more reliable insert ID for any table
2002-12-22 moodlerChanges to make things work again :-)
2002-12-21 coolbitno message
2002-12-21 coolbitno message
2002-12-20 moodlerMany many changes lumped in here ... not finished yet...
2002-12-20 coolbitno message
2002-12-20 moodlerSlight updates such as removing old functions
2002-12-19 mitsPolished
2002-12-18 mitsPolished
2002-12-18 coolbitRemoved lots of "^M", hu!
2002-12-18 moodlerPreset the FULLME variable
2002-12-18 mitsPolished
2002-12-18 mitsPolished
2002-12-17 coolbitno message
2002-12-17 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2002-12-17 compuproggy*** empty log message ***
2002-12-17 moodlerContains database functions split-off from moodlelib...
2002-12-17 gregb_ccSince the reimplementation of check_php_version will...
2002-12-17 gregb_ccadded in a commented out reimplementation of check_php_...
2002-12-16 ahmed_nabilThis files is updated after testing phase 1. and After...
2002-12-16 mitsPolished
2002-12-15 moodlerMoved the view source button to solve problems with...
2002-12-15 mitsPolished
2002-12-15 mitsNew Translation