2004-12-12 stronk7Check added. SC#23
2004-12-12 stronk7Some checks added. SC#34.
2004-12-12 gustav_deliusMore changes to the user interface. See
2004-12-12 thepurpleblobNow correctly escapes 'reserved' characters when export...
2004-12-12 moodlerMerged fix SC22 from STABLE, even though this file...
2004-12-12 moodlerMerged sc28 from stable
2004-12-12 moodlerMerged recent fixes to FULLME in stable
2004-12-12 moodlerMerged new MOODLE_INTERNAL constant from stable, used...
2004-12-11 barias*** empty log message ***
2004-12-11 barias*** empty log message ***
2004-12-11 barias*** empty log message ***
2004-12-11 barias*** empty log message ***
2004-12-11 stronk7Now search function look into aliases too.
2004-12-10 stronk7Updating PclZip credits to 2.4RC1
2004-12-10 stronk7Skipping empty categories in restore. They shouldn...
2004-12-10 moodlerFixed the include to use PluginDir
2004-12-10 moodlerAdded latest knowledge on caching techniques to HEAD
2004-12-10 mjollnir_Merged from MOODLE_14_STABLE: Upload users should lower...
2004-12-10 mitstranslated some.
2004-12-09 mjollnir_Small bug fix in sql in log page for site errors (infec...
2004-12-09 thepurpleblobBug in export of multichoice-multianswer questions...
2004-12-09 gustav_deliusNow teachers can again grade assessments. Also various...
2004-12-09 ikawheroChanges for XHTML and accessibility compatibility
2004-12-09 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2004-12-08 mchurchModified to ouput proper XHTML - especially if it alrea...
2004-12-08 moodlerFIx for display of first session, from stable
2004-12-08 gustav_deliusfixed cutoffime misprint
2004-12-08 gustav_deliusfixed missing ) and undefined $timenow
2004-12-08 gustav_deliusadded periods at the end of some sentences.
2004-12-08 gustav_deliusremoved duplicated sentences from emails
2004-12-08 paca70Some updates
2004-12-07 ikawheroMinor change to enlarge the textarea for topic summary...
2004-12-07 gustav_deliusfixed warning when realuser is not set.
2004-12-07 gustav_deliusFixed date check
2004-12-07 gustav_delius$this->course was used but not defined.
2004-12-07 gustav_deliuscourse.guest was not loaded from database but used...
2004-12-06 michaelpennefix class stats for essay questions
2004-12-06 gustav_deliususe filter_text instead of text_to_html
2004-12-05 kaipeNew feature that makes it possible to specify the numbe...
2004-12-05 kaipeUpdating database and backup/restore in order to make...
2004-12-05 gustav_deliusWorkshop module now works with dates rather than phases...
2004-12-03 mudrd8mzSome fixes and update (some changes in workshop - uff...
2004-12-03 miksikInitial version, hopefully XHTML compatible
2004-12-02 mitspolished.
2004-12-02 djachenkoSmall correct
2004-12-02 djachenkoSmall correct
2004-12-01 defacerRemoved last instance of the evil SECS_IN_DAY constant...
2004-12-01 defacerFixed some warnings I introduced a while back by incorr...
2004-12-01 defacerMinor code style changes
2004-12-01 defacerFixed set_user_preference to make changes immediately...
2004-12-01 michaelpenneupdated essay and short answer code to work with quotes...
2004-12-01 michaelpenneupdated essay code to work with quotes being used in...
2004-12-01 stronk7New rss_geterrorxmlfile() function added
2004-11-30 skodakmerged from MOODLE_14_STABLE;
2004-11-30 mitstranslated some.
2004-11-30 mudrd8mzUpdate and fixes towards 1.4.2 (still incomplete)
2004-11-30 stronk7Updated to 2.4RC1. This should terminate
2004-11-30 moodlerMerged lang fix from stable
2004-11-30 moodlerMerged lastpostid from stable
2004-11-30 moodlerMerged fix from stable
2004-11-29 koenrone > too much
2004-11-29 scop22New strings translated in moodle.php and quiz.php;...
2004-11-29 moodlerAdded name of the last poster to the discussion listing
2004-11-29 moodlerTweaks to the policy form (wider iframe and added a...
2004-11-29 moodlerSesskey fixes
2004-11-29 moodlerRestore sessionIP when returning from loginas mode
2004-11-29 moodlerAfter agreeing to site policy, you get redirected back...
2004-11-29 mitstranslated some.
2004-11-29 moodlerSet sessionIP when logging-in as a user
2004-11-29 moodlerNew feature: Site Policy Agreements.
2004-11-29 dhawesfixed a comment whose details had been left behind...
2004-11-29 defacerFix for bug 2241:
2004-11-29 dhawesreplaced old MoodlePage class call with new page_base...
2004-11-28 stronk7Changed some parameters. SC#33.
2004-11-28 barias*** empty log message ***
2004-11-28 bariasLatest spanish translation.
2004-11-27 stronk7Calculate NEXT course->sortorder in restore to avoid
2004-11-27 koenrstart of a Vietnamese languagepack in UTF-8
2004-11-26 martignoniRevert bad change (search string)
2004-11-26 martignoniThis time, the correction is good!
2004-11-26 martignoniChanged "search" string for more explicity
2004-11-26 moodlerMerged from stable
2004-11-26 moodlerChanges for XHTML and accessibility compatibility
2004-11-26 moodlerChanges for XHTML and accessibility compatibility
2004-11-26 stronk7Solve some visualisation issues in encyclopedia format...
2004-11-26 martinlanghoffMerge from MOODLE_14_STABLE
2004-11-25 mjollnir_Merged from MOODLE_14_STABLE: In get logs don't join...
2004-11-25 defacerUmmm... more changes due to the renaming.
2004-11-25 defacerSomehow I forgot to commit these and the whole page...
2004-11-25 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2004-11-25 moodlerStyle for quiz feedback updated
2004-11-25 moodlerChanges for XHTML and accessibility compatibility
2004-11-25 martinlanghoffMerged form MOODLE_14_STABLE
2004-11-25 mitsnew translated file added.
2004-11-24 mjollnir_Merged from MOODLE_14_STABLE: Fixed bug in dialogue...
2004-11-24 stronk7New paging system for glosaries.
2004-11-24 mjollnir_Merged from MOODLE_14_STABLE: Fix for postgres-invalid...
2004-11-24 koenrstring for 'back' in preview question
2004-11-24 martinlanghoffMerge from MOODLE_14_STABLE
2004-11-24 koenr*** empty log message ***