2003-04-15 moodlerSlight mods ... are they better?
2003-04-15 moodlerMore robust use of $_FILES['imagefile']
2003-04-14 moodlerHide/show individual activities in any section
2003-04-14 moodlerFix for off-by-one grade error when 'Save Grades' had...
2003-04-14 moodlerBetter looking code
2003-04-14 moodlerShowall is sticky, and also you get a warning about...
2003-04-14 moodlerChanged wording a little
2003-04-14 moodlerNew string "showall"
2003-04-14 moodlerBetter wording
2003-04-14 moodlerSimplified display - less unnecessary clutter
2003-04-14 moodlerMucking with the formtting
2003-04-14 moodlerSmaller info
2003-04-14 moodlerNew strings for showing users
2003-04-14 moodlerBetter support for large classes
2003-04-13 mitsno message
2003-04-13 mitsNew translation added.
2003-04-12 moodlerSort subscribers by email address (easier to find subsc...
2003-04-12 moodlerDon't pass alltext from mod.html to details.php .....
2003-04-12 moodlerNo real point to changing the numbers - changing them...
2003-04-12 moodlerUpdate to stop it falling too far behind
2003-04-11 moodlerLatest tags
2003-04-11 moodlerMinor fixes
2003-04-11 paca70To check string sizes
2003-04-10 moodlerNew "create multiple questions" wizard.
2003-04-10 moodlerAdded Danish
2003-04-10 moodlerDanish! From Søren Vinther Hansen <>
2003-04-10 moodlerMore info about admin location and a fix
2003-04-10 moodlerNew $CFG->admin directory can override the location...
2003-04-10 moodlerNew function swapshuffle_assoc
2003-04-10 moodlerImporting improved to include pre and post-processing.
2003-04-10 moodlerMinor robustness fix
2003-04-10 moodlerNew icons
2003-04-10 moodlerUpdated number of languages
2003-04-10 moodlerUpdated with current thoughts about general path this...
2003-04-09 moodlerCorrect a typo
2003-04-09 moodlerMore logical position for shuffle options
2003-04-09 moodlerNew quiz switches to
2003-04-09 moodlerempty() --> !isset()
2003-04-09 moodlerMore fixes resulting from random question feature
2003-04-09 moodlerSlightly more efficient database access.
2003-04-09 moodlerFirst implementation of completely random questions.
2003-04-08 moodlerUse "modified" date of posts when displaying them,...
2003-04-08 moodlerDon't use session.path check when the server is in...
2003-04-07 moodlerJust much simpler way of doing the last patch.
2003-04-07 moodlerUse the cached admin bit if it's there!
2003-04-07 moodlerAdded code to catch runaway case when there is more...
2003-04-07 moodlerNew file
2003-04-06 mitsNew translation add and modify $string['configunzip...
2003-04-06 moodlerModifications to allow Moodle files management page...
2003-04-06 moodlerAdded Version 1.3 of PclZip to the distribution
2003-04-06 mitsno message
2003-04-06 mitsPolished
2003-04-05 moodlerPartial translation, by Ilia Chipitsine <ilia@chel...
2003-04-05 moodlerLatest improvements from Paula
2003-04-04 moodlerFixes for main SQL defintions - from Juro Chlebec
2003-04-02 moodleraddslashes to string used for javascript link
2003-04-01 moodlerAdded a robustness check for USER->id
2003-04-01 moodlerUndoing recent changes
2003-04-01 moodlerSorry, Petri, but we need to undo these changes, because:
2003-03-31 paca70Use always only lowercase version of username.
2003-03-31 mitsNew translation added and polished some.
2003-03-30 moodlerRenamed randommatch.html -> randomsamatch.html
2003-03-30 moodlerNew template for Match questions
2003-03-30 moodlerFirst cut at adding new "fixed" Match question type...
2003-03-30 moodlerFixed a slight typo
2003-03-30 moodlerFixed a missing global $CFG declaration.
2003-03-29 moodlerWhat was I thinking? This is much cleaner (and no...
2003-03-29 moodlerChanges to activate the "force subscribe" option on...
2003-03-28 paca70Updates
2003-03-27 paca70updates from Jaana
2003-03-27 moodlerAdded Romanian author, plus some fixes
2003-03-27 moodlerEugen Tanul <>
2003-03-27 moodlerNew language: Romanian by Eugen Tanul <roinstitute...
2003-03-26 moodlerRestoring Paula de Waal's versions for the time being
2003-03-26 moodlerNew translations of the help files, from Adriana Beal
2003-03-26 moodlerAdded Bobo
2003-03-26 moodlerFixes related to AcceptPathInfo - removed need for...
2003-03-26 moodlerBetter regular expresssion for detecting URLs at the...
2003-03-26 moodlerAdded tags file for codewalkers who can't generate...
2003-03-26 moodlerTypo!
2003-03-26 moodlerAdded some new indexes on quiz tables in MySQL
2003-03-26 moodlerAdded two new indexes on log table to help speed it up.
2003-03-24 mitspgassignment.php done.
2003-03-24 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-24 paca70Corrected typo
2003-03-21 moodlerRemoved some tabs :-)
2003-03-21 moodlerHack from Roberto Pinna (Bobo) to add sorting when...
2003-03-21 moodlerCan now count a search of users
2003-03-21 moodlerImprovements to display of users
2003-03-21 moodlerAdded a search form to the "edit users" admin page...
2003-03-21 moodlerLinks to admin page in header are now relative
2003-03-21 moodlerMore robustness on checking sequence variables
2003-03-21 moodlerSmall fix to avoid PHP warnings
2003-03-20 moodlerChanges to make regrading work properly if the quiz...
2003-03-20 mitsNew translation added.
2003-03-18 moodlerUpdated credit for Slovak
2003-03-16 moodlerImproved Portuguese (Brazil) version by Paula de Waal
2003-03-16 moodlerAdded some more options for longtimenosee
2003-03-15 paca70Fixed incorrect comparison. Peter Paluch pointed this...
2003-03-15 moodlerDidn't quite finish the last patch of user -> usernew