2004-01-17 les_kopariAdded groupmode, groupmodeforce.
2004-01-17 moodlerUse is_internal_email function (see bug 978)
2004-01-17 moodlerEditing teachers can always get into forums
2004-01-17 moodlerOnly editing teachers can see files
2004-01-16 koenrHans insisted
2004-01-16 koenrmising strings
2004-01-16 giro123*** empty log message ***
2004-01-16 moodlerChat sessions can now be deleted
2004-01-16 moodlerLinks color = black
2004-01-16 moodlerRequire user to login to see glossary entries (if a...
2004-01-16 moodlerAdd some styles in the posts so the autolinks look OK.
2004-01-16 moodlerSmall improvement to log-gathering for activities ...
2004-01-16 moodlerPass courseid to format_text explicitly
2004-01-16 moodlerFixes so that $courseid can be passes to format_text...
2004-01-16 moodlerOutput the time in the cron output
2004-01-16 moodlerUNTESTED changes to allow multiple hosts to be used...
2004-01-16 moodlerWhen using the HTML editor, don't provide format options
2004-01-15 paca70Updates
2004-01-15 paca70Initial version
2004-01-15 giro123*** empty log message ***
2004-01-15 paca70Initial translation
2004-01-15 villateNew files from version 1.2
2004-01-15 paca70Updates
2004-01-15 villateUpdated to the 1.2 version
2004-01-15 moodlerMenus on quiz editing no longer need the submit buttons
2004-01-15 moodlerFIxed a small typo preventing group display
2004-01-15 moodlerDon't show old chat users in recent activity
2004-01-15 moodlerDouble-check bad input data
2004-01-15 moodlerSave forum log url in a more standard way
2004-01-15 moodlerAdded "All activities"
2004-01-15 moodlerAdded log links for teachers from each activity page
2004-01-15 moodlerLogs can now be divided up by activity!
2004-01-14 paca70Added missing "("
2004-01-14 paca70FIXED:
2004-01-14 moodlerExtra parameter for robustness
2004-01-14 moodlerLatest files from Denis
2004-01-14 stigbjarneNew file. For now, mostly headers and infotext translat...
2004-01-14 moodlerClean output for old entries
2004-01-14 moodlerClean all data in user profile
2004-01-14 moodlerUser descriptions weren't being filtered! They are...
2004-01-14 moodlerFixed two typos - seems to be working properly now
2004-01-14 stigbjarneNew file
2004-01-14 moodlerSome improvements in efficiency of Recent Activity.
2004-01-14 moodlerEven in visible-groups mode, only show recent activity...
2004-01-14 moodlerObey "forcelogin"
2004-01-14 moodlerA new configuration setting - "forcelogin".
2004-01-14 koenradded link to index of helpfiles
2004-01-14 moodlerMay avoid a cookie issue
2004-01-14 moodlerMake it easier to click on attempts
2004-01-14 moodlerAdded links to the other help files
2004-01-14 moodlerJournal questions can now use HTML editor, plus new...
2004-01-13 koenrkeeping track of the changes
2004-01-13 thetrinityImplemented Matching Questions.
2004-01-13 willcast- Solving bug 971:
2004-01-13 stigbjarneNew file
2004-01-13 moodlerStrip tags from new user's names and email. Thanks...
2004-01-13 moodlerFixes for buggy stuff
2004-01-12 koenrupdated
2004-01-12 koenrupdated and put in (Dutch) alphabetical order. All...
2004-01-12 koenrchanged title to fit logicaly in indexfile
2004-01-12 moodlerDon't print description box if there is no description.
2004-01-12 moodlerThis is a ridiculously complicated solution to showing...
2004-01-12 moodlerSome fixes to clarify handling of the number of attempts
2004-01-12 bobopinnaUpdated by Bobo
2004-01-12 moodlerAnd make sure the group is from this course!
2004-01-12 moodlerSecure group viewing when in separate mode
2004-01-12 moodlerReplaced missing string
2004-01-12 moodlerA number of fixes (fixed by simply saving with admin...
2004-01-12 andre_blngerman language files version 20.11.2003
2004-01-12 mitssome new translation added.
2004-01-12 thetrinityFixed typo and minor polishing for GIFT filter docs.
2004-01-12 thetrinityFixed typo and minor polishing.
2004-01-12 moodlerBug #966 - journal_grades should return NULL if no...
2004-01-11 koenrfilling in missing strings
2004-01-11 koenrtranslated by koen Roggemans
2004-01-11 koenrcorrected some typo's and ugly tranlations
2004-01-11 moodlerBug 965
2004-01-11 moodlerNo need to require this file
2004-01-11 moodlerUse is_internal_auth function instead
2004-01-11 moodlerFirst version of support in groups in the forums.
2004-01-11 moodlerWork done on group functions
2004-01-11 moodlerAdded groupmode setting to course_modules
2004-01-11 moodlerAdded strings for WebCT Import format
2004-01-11 moodlerWebCT Import format!! (untested)
2004-01-11 moodlerGrammar fixes for "updating" and "editing"
2004-01-11 moodlerSome grammar fixes (for modules named starting with...
2004-01-10 moodlerSort group members by last access by default
2004-01-10 moodlerUse the new print_user function for the group
2004-01-10 moodlerLinks in print_user are absolute
2004-01-10 moodlerCompletely got rid of user/lib.php
2004-01-10 moodlerNew library for collecting routines related to GD
2004-01-10 moodlerWhen logging in as a user, take on their "current group...
2004-01-10 thetrinityConverted to UNIX file type.
2004-01-10 thetrinityFixed typo
2004-01-10 thetrinityUpdated docs to latest revisions of GIFT import filter
2004-01-10 moodlerIncreased QUIZ_MAX_NUMBER_ANSWERS to 10, and actually...
2004-01-10 thetrinityexamples.txt added
2004-01-10 thetrinityIntegrated Multiple Answers and inline comments options...
2004-01-09 gniskeAdding missing strings
2004-01-09 moodlerDon't move courses from delete categories to the "zero...