2004-09-23 moodlerTidy filter from Hannes Gassert <hannes at mediagonal...
2004-09-23 moodlerChanges for XHTML and accessibility compliance
2004-09-23 moodlerSome changes for XHTML and accessibility compliance
2004-09-23 moodlerTurning off "usexml" for forum/mod/view.php
2004-09-23 moodlerMerged fixes from STABLE that allow creator to restore...
2004-09-23 moodlerChanges for XHTML and accessibility compliance
2004-09-23 mitsPolished.
2004-09-23 moodlerMerge ratings fix for PHP5 from stable
2004-09-23 moodlerMerged new functions for get_courses and get_courses_pa...
2004-09-23 moodlerDon't strip backslahes from highlighted text
2004-09-23 moodlerInstaller now checks that MySQL extension is present...
2004-09-23 dhawesAdded more phpdoc comments
2004-09-23 dhawesAdded some more skeleton phpdoc comments and fixed...
2004-09-23 moodlerBugfixes for my recent checkin
2004-09-23 moodlerOK, finished the fixes I wanted to add to the recent...
2004-09-23 moodlerFixed string for user images
2004-09-23 moodlerOne line I changed
2004-09-23 dhawesAdditional phpdoc comments and fixes for bugs 1981...
2004-09-23 mitsPolished.
2004-09-23 mitsPolished.
2004-09-22 mjollnir_Fixed handlevirus.php so that files resolve better...
2004-09-22 mitsPolished.
2004-09-22 mitsNew translated file added.
2004-09-22 michaelpenneFixed a bug regarding cluster jumps. Before, if end...
2004-09-22 mitsPolished
2004-09-22 mitsPolished.
2004-09-22 paca70Added utf8_decode when reading info from ldap.
2004-09-22 koenrlanguage settings
2004-09-22 koenrtypo
2004-09-22 mitsPolished.
2004-09-22 dhawesConversion of double quoted string to single quoted...
2004-09-22 mitsPolished.
2004-09-22 mitstranslated some.
2004-09-22 dhawesConversion of double quoted string to single quoted...
2004-09-22 koenrtypo
2004-09-22 paca70Fixed missed variable name
2004-09-22 paca70escaped two "'s
2004-09-22 paca70Added more commentts about user cretion.
2004-09-22 paca70Use only atrributes marked as "updateremote" when creat...
2004-09-22 paca70Added support for multiiple ldap-servers.
2004-09-22 paca70Cleaned config.html
2004-09-21 mitsPolished.
2004-09-21 michaelpennechanged the order of db updates. now the order is...
2004-09-21 michaelpenneadded an include for lib.php
2004-09-21 michaelpenneadded option to delete a users attempt records. Sends...
2004-09-21 michaelpenneadded code to handle deleting of user attempts
2004-09-21 michaelpenneFixed some problems with matching
2004-09-21 mitsPolished and translated file added.
2004-09-21 michaelpenneNew help file. Blank though :(
2004-09-21 michaelpenneAdded a new lang definition
2004-09-21 mitsPolished.
2004-09-21 mitsPolished and translated files added.
2004-09-21 paca70Updates
2004-09-21 paca70Some cleanups
2004-09-21 gustav_deliusResolved problems with previous replacement of
2004-09-21 mitstranslated strings changed based on /en/moodle.php
2004-09-21 moodlerTidied up some XHTML
2004-09-21 moodlerFIxed bugs and tidied up
2004-09-21 moodlerChanged some strings for XHTML compliance
2004-09-21 moodlerTidied up for XHTML and accessibility compliance
2004-09-21 moodlerFIxed a path (I'd just moved this)
2004-09-21 moodlerWorking but unpolished script to convert all MySQL...
2004-09-21 mitsNew translator added.
2004-09-21 paca70To fix problems with auth_forcepasswordchange
2004-09-21 paca70Removed $user_external and annd isset() around editlocks
2004-09-21 paca70updates
2004-09-21 mitsNew translated files added.
2004-09-21 moodlerUpdated README and removed empty files
2004-09-21 mitsPolished.
2004-09-21 mitsPolished and some translated files added.
2004-09-20 defacerSmall code sanitization
2004-09-20 mitstranslated some
2004-09-20 koenrnew translation: Basque language (Euskara)
2004-09-20 martignoniNew strings for LDAP auth
2004-09-20 paca70Postgres updates
2004-09-20 paca701. Postgres updates.
2004-09-20 paca70Just to be sure that value columns type is text.
2004-09-20 mitstranslated some.
2004-09-20 rkingdonFixed bug #1952.
2004-09-20 rkingdonFixed bug #1952; fixed bug in upload form; and assessme...
2004-09-20 bobopinnaFixed a problem with onbeforeunload
2004-09-20 bobopinnaUpdated XHTML tags and attributes in order to pass...
2004-09-20 rkingdonIn SEPARATEGROUPS mode the student's list of teachers...
2004-09-20 martignoniSmall things to bring it up-to-date!
2004-09-20 martignoniToward XHTML compliance (ter)
2004-09-20 martignoniTwo new strings
2004-09-20 moodlerMerged/cleaned changes from MOODLE_15_LDAP to HEAD ...
2004-09-20 moodlerLatest tags
2004-09-20 carlesbellver*** empty log message ***
2004-09-20 mjollnir_Logging new file paths from backup/restore. Since the...
2004-09-20 mjollnir_Better attempts for handlevirus to find files to deal...
2004-09-20 mjollnir_Fix for forums to behave slightly in a more friendly...
2004-09-19 defacerMerging fix for bug 1957 from MOODLE_14_STABLE.
2004-09-19 gniskeupdatet languagefiles and added missing strings
2004-09-19 mitsPolished and new translated some.
2004-09-19 gniskeupdatet languagefiles and added missing strings
2004-09-19 koenrfilling in missing strings
2004-09-19 mitsPolished.
2004-09-19 mitsPolished whole ja lang files.
2004-09-19 koenrfilling in missing strings