2002-09-26 martinFirst implementation of new authentication system,...
2002-09-26 martinCheck for USER->email in require_login. With external...
2002-09-26 martinMake $a bold so it's easier to see
2002-09-26 martinNew help file for language editing
2002-09-26 martinMuch better. No slashes needed AT ALL now, not even...
2002-09-26 martinPatches from Petri
2002-09-25 martinInfo about lib/htaccess
2002-09-25 martinAdded DirectoryIndex stuff
2002-09-25 martinAdded new postgres7 schema, developed by Felipe Rodrigu...
2002-09-25 martinDon't redirect too early
2002-09-25 martinAdd some comments
2002-09-25 martinImproved explanations for how to use this file
2002-09-25 martinIt's possible $USER->lang may not be defined. If so...
2002-09-25 martinSet fromdiscussion here just in case it's not set elsewhere
2002-09-25 martinALL CHANGES UP TO MOODLE 1.0.5 BETA 1
2002-09-25 martinUnfinished files
2002-09-25 martinupdated version numbers for beta 1 release
2002-09-25 martinREADME contains author etc
2002-09-25 martinAdded README with author
2002-09-25 martinAuthor stored in README
2002-09-25 martinIn compare mode you can now EDIT language files directl...
2002-09-25 martinCough typo
2002-09-25 martinEdited using language editor
2002-09-25 martinNew string
2002-09-24 martinFix for ICQ display (they've changed their URLs)
2002-09-24 martinHide password during registration
2002-09-24 martinPrevent guests even seeing the edit button
2002-09-24 martinPrevent guests from submitting choices or assignments
2002-09-24 martinUpdated Sebastien's address to
2002-09-24 martinMake sure site security is added when logging in via...
2002-09-23 martinNewly formatted header.html files in themes ... still...
2002-09-23 martinSpecial "navigation" for home page - "home" value sets...
2002-09-23 martinNew set_config() and better use of $CFG->version
2002-09-23 martinNew standardlogo theme ... like standard but with a...
2002-09-23 martinSample logo
2002-09-23 martinFixed up default-sized tables again
2002-09-23 martinWhoops teacher checking was back to front
2002-09-23 martinPersonal mentions
2002-09-23 martinChange to name of language
2002-09-23 martinUpdated name of language
2002-09-23 martinAdded Portuguese (Brazilian) by Fabricio Valadares...
2002-09-23 martinUpdated credits
2002-09-22 martinSaner format for editing profile
2002-09-22 martinBolder title
2002-09-22 martinForgot country display change
2002-09-22 martinBetter country sorting on user index in a course
2002-09-22 martinBetter way of sorting countries
2002-09-22 martinFixes to country sorting
2002-09-22 martinBetter handling of country sorting
2002-09-22 martinDon't delete a user if already deleted (reloading page...
2002-09-22 martinUpdated version
2002-09-22 martinFixes to unenrolling students, and unenrol_student...
2002-09-22 martinFixes to table widths
2002-09-22 martinArrghh ... foget to remove the debugging thing
2002-09-22 martinMajor cleanup of user administration and display, inclu...
2002-09-22 martinChanges (getting close to 1.0.5 now)
2002-09-22 martinUpdated module template with module_print_recent_activity()
2002-09-22 martinAdded assignments under "Recent Activity"
2002-09-22 martinWhen redirecting to admin page go direct to index.php...
2002-09-22 martinSome comments to indicate standard and other functions
2002-09-22 martinReaaranged the functions into standard and other
2002-09-22 martinFixed stupidity
2002-09-22 martinError in the SQL - fixed now
2002-09-22 martinNew function to show new surveys in recent activity box
2002-09-22 martinWhoops typo - left in some old stuff
2002-09-22 martinSHow number of journal entries in the teacher link...
2002-09-22 martinUse log URL for link to journal
2002-09-22 martinSupport for new deleted field in user table
2002-09-22 martinChanges to not include deleted users in some things
2002-09-22 martinChanges to enable DELETION of user accounts. Accounts...
2002-09-21 martinChanges to print_recent_activity in course/lib.php...
2002-09-21 martinAllow 1-minute delay (mostly good for testing)
2002-09-21 martinNeed more room for language variable (eg pt_br)
2002-09-21 martinMake sure user language works OK (it does now)
2002-09-21 martinMake mail format explicitly 8bit
2002-09-21 martinMake sure mailouts are in the user's chosen language
2002-09-21 martinMake sure mailouts are in the chosen language of each...
2002-09-21 martinInitial (incomplete) version of French translation...
2002-09-21 martinInitial version of Finnish translation, as done by...
2002-09-21 martinAdded single quotes around all the keys ... even though...
2002-09-21 martinAdded my email address
2002-09-21 martinDon't need to log in to see site-level course
2002-09-21 martinMore options for longtimenosee
2002-09-21 martinDon't print pictures at all for very large lists
2002-09-21 martinMake more room in list
2002-09-21 martinmore refinements to sorting display
2002-09-21 martinFixed typo from testing
2002-09-21 martinMuch better look for user index
2002-09-21 martinSlight additions to print_table
2002-09-21 martinAdded lang for users
2002-09-21 martinBetter display of users in shortened form, for testing
2002-09-20 martinTweak
2002-09-20 martinFirst go at an abbreviated user listing
2002-09-19 martinPut sitename on debugging info (helpful when comparing...
2002-09-19 martinImproved interface for course/teachers.php ... instead...
2002-09-19 martinGot rid of errorlevel configuration - more trouble...
2002-09-19 martinUpdated for new configuration page
2002-09-19 martinSome consistency in headers on editing forms
2002-09-19 martinMost of the configuration variables have been moved...
2002-09-17 martinSlight fix to error page to include site name properly